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  1. Im just saying that i gave her the 200 cuz i was going to go back to California, but i feel u bro, ur right. I was just wondering what other people consider me doing. But thx?
  2. So in the year 2016 during the summer. I went to mexico and i would sleep over at my aunts house. So i would sleep in my cousins room, in a seprate bed, (my cousin was 15 i was 14) and everyday i would be in the living room sitting down, and my cousin would clean while her dad was at work and her mom was off doing other stuff. So when she would clean she would start in the morning or when i was there in the living room, and she would wear pajamas and i could see her booty move back and forth? and it would be the best thing ever. She would also do it on purpose for me to look, before i left i wanted to ask her if she wanted to have sex, but i never had the balls to say it becasue alot of stuff ran through my head like "what if she says no? She's probably gonan tell everyone?" I actually wish i asked her now. But i just wanted to know if i should ask her for sex next time i go to mexico!? before i left i gave her 200 pesos (mexican currency) because i wouldnt need it, and she liked me because everytime i arrived at the airport she would hug me. (I know it sounds like a something a cousin would do but it was also more than that, because everytime i would be over at her house laying down or walking around she would stare at my penis, while talking to me) (and no she does not have staring problems) so next time i go should i ask her if she wants to have sex?! [Just need and honest opinion on what i should do]
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