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  1. Hi Experts out there, I am from India. My parents arranged a girl for me who is relative to our family. Her paternal grandparents are related to my paternal grandparents. from my side: My dad has married his cousin which is my mom. My sister from birth had night blindness and slowly as she grew up she lost her vision. from girls side: Her dad is also married to his cousin. The girl has a brother that was born with very low weight(850 grams). Now he is 12 years old and healthy boy. So the girl's father thinks that, as my sister is blind it is likely that it will affect my children if we get married to his daughter. It is so concerning to me as I have neither scientific evidence nor expertise advise to convince the girl's dad. I like this girl a lot as she is my relative and she is very easy going. I did read up on quite a few of the articles out there on cousin marriages and I came to conclusion that, cousin marriages almost as risky as the normal marriages when it comes to the children that will be born with major defects. please suggest how I need to convince my uncle(girls dad).
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