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    Someone please help

    I need some advice please. Let me start by giving you the back story. We r 2 years apart in age with me being older. I am separated and have a young child. We are second cousins and we reconnected and got really close a few months ago. He became my best friend and I his. We finally told each other our feelings for each other and we went from there. We fell madly in love And have this connection like I've never felt before. I always had doubts about it because of the fact that we r related and due to my child's father I didn't want anymore drama in my life at the time, so we agreed to keep the relationship a secret. Well it took it's toll on our relationship and he ended things because of the stress of it and felt like I wouldn't let him love me because of keeping us a secret. Well his mother figured it out and was extremely supportive of us because she believes you can't help who you love, my sister found out, and a couple close friends found out. We broke up a week ago and more and more people are figuring it out. The other night he told me that he loves me and that the more and more people that find out, the more and more he wants to be with me. But then he gives me mixed signals. He will act like he cares and tells me all this stuff and then the next we don't talk for a few days. I don't know what to do and I need some help/advice please.
  2. N.Y.

    how to tell your mom

    These posts give me so much hope. I am in love with my second cousin and we just broke up because of the stress of not being able to tell people. His mother knows and is supportive of our relationship but the stress of not being able to tell anyone else gas been killing us.