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  1. Love ur reply but i have some concerns: 1.wouldn't she think im kinda desperate to hit on my nine years younger cousin? 2.if it doesn't work out.. wouldn't be so weird dealing with the family especially her brother? 3.i dont think the direct approach of expressing my feelings would work out coz she is very shy and insecure!! 4.Its not only my shyness that is stopping me...its just there are alot of spotlights..and not some random girl i hit on and never see her again. I really have to settle this down weather it works or not...coz its really consuming my mind...but its not that easy.
  2. Latest family gathering was couple days ago…im totally introvert and dont give a holy crapoly! abt these gatherings but just went to watch her…dont know…maybe i like her too much coz she really reminds me of myself…she is really similar to me in many ways…shyness.. awkwardness..it feels so good watching her and understanding her very well and how she reminds me of myself when i was her age...its like i never understood a girl that much regardless of the very few talks we had…plus the strong urge i have that i could support her and give her insights for dealing with herself and the world…or maybe im just in love with the whole scenario…her brother is like my best friend…her parents are so nice i really like them and they already know me and my parents...im totally confused…i just feel that she is mine and i could trust her…never felt that way with any girl before maybe coz she is just my cousin!!! Ya she is probably poisoning my life..but still sweet poison..lol Btw..im 29 and she is 20…
  3. There is this my nine years younger girl cousin...four years ago when she was 14 and i was 23 she always had this strong eye contacts and laugh hysterically at my chessy jokes and all the signs that she really likes me but at that time i wasn't interested at all ofc coz she was 14 for god sake ...we rarely meet at family gatherings...till recently i really have a strong crush on her for like two years...she grew up and i think we switched roles...but don't know if she likes me or just getting more mature to hide her feelings...we are both very shy btw...but still she gets nervous when she sees me and i catch her with few eye contacts..till i made whoopie up one night and was drunk and got the courage to tell her that i like her..she got really nervous and thought i was joking...then later i told her it was just a mistake (more made whoopie up)...later on everything is normal...we meet at gatherings..simple talks...she get nervous and clumsy when she sees me...i started texted her...this where all this get so confusing...she reply very late with short texts..so i stop..and text her later..same late uninterested replies...then i stop.. Dont know if she likes me and tries to avoid me coz of her excessive shyness...or just can't take the fact that she has a crush on her nine years older cousin (she is a little westernized) and think its disgusting regardless of her feelings...or if all of this is just illusions in my head and her teenager crush was just a period and went away...but i just think of her all the time..should i let her go out of my head or take a more wise approach?!!!...help!!!!