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  1. To be honest pooch. I was going to say something similiar to that but i got nervous and then that happened. Now i don't know what to say. Need help?
  2. Hi Pooch, Thanks for the reply What i meant be 7 or 8 is that. We are related by like our great great great great great great great grandma. Sorry for being confusing. Also we live in the UK and yep. Her and my parents are close pretty close. Yes she is super cute. I mean obviously i liked when she cut her hair and also i just told her that she looks very beautiful and cute with the hair and joked about how she cut her hair after i mentioned it and then she just sent a giggly text saying maybe i did it for someone special with some blushing emojis. Hope these answer the question.
  3. Im new here. So where to even begin. This feeling of emotion is too strong right. Anyways So its all begin last december. I saw my distant cousin (the family tree is complex but she is defintely like a 7 or 8 cousin.) But so it had been quite a few months since i last saw her. (She lives about 3 hours away so i only get to see her 3 or 4 times in a year). But when i saw her this december. Everything seemed different. I just dont even know how to describe that feeling. And before you ask my age is 19 while she is 18. So back to the story. So she came with her family and stayed for 3 days. The moment she walked in that feeling i felt was unusual because i did use to see her before and i had no feelings like this. This was different. I dont even know what to call this love because it was so intense. So nothing really happened after that other then me hanging out with her and her staring quite a bit at me and as well as being playful with. (Bear in mind. She did not do this before as whenever she came she just hung around my other girl cousin and sister and we didnt even talk on social media). So time flew and she went back and i saw that on the final day she was quite sad because i think she didnt want to leave. Also this time she didnt talk to my cousin and sister a lot and instead it was me and her talking and the usual stuff. So one day went by and i was feeling quite depressed because i was missing her quite a bit. So i texted her and then since then we have talked everyday without missing a single. As we have a lot in common such as interests and hobbies. The texting was quite prolonged and as this progressed my feelings went through the roof. This was our first time texting as before we didnt really click. Now that i know so much about her. I just want to be with her and protect her and make her happy as much as i can. I just think about her 24/7 everyday and it makes sad thinking that it might not work Well i know my story wasnt too eventful but here is the question. Do you think she likes me? Other the staring and being playful with me. With regards to text. I am getting some mixed signals so first when i text her about like actresses or any other girl. I get weird responses like lol and ok then. I feel like she doesnt want me too talk about other girls to her. Also she has told me about literally everything about herself and half of the things even my sister doesnt know. So i assume she does trust me a lot from. And there is this other thing. I once told her i liked girl with short hair upto the shoulders and what you know after a week she cuts her hair to that length. Also we literally never end our texting. It just keeps on going. Whether day or night. Also we both compliment each other quite a lot and she is quite shy so i cant expect her to make the first move. So to end. What do you think i should do. I obviously want a relationship and i already know my parents or her should not say anything but i dont know how to tell her. Sorry for a long story but had to get it off my chest somewhere so i could have some peace. Thanks for any replies
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