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  1. nasa amin po ang mga bata, kc ayam ng mga bata na pumunt sa kanilang ina?
  2. Please help me... i do need advice.... I'm in love with my first cousin in we are living as a couple...Our family knows it already and they want us to be separated.. but for me I dont want to be separated with him..he was married and they has 2 kids but since 2010 they separated,, his wife has already man living with her and they have also kids.. Now i do need advice if i will continue our relationship with my cousin.. I'm still single so what is the best decision to make....help me Thank you so much
  3. mylin

    i have an affair with my first cousin, we are living as a couple,, my family knows all about it as well as him..now my parents wants me to separate with him,, i love him very much to fact that i don't want to be separated with him.

    another problem is that he have 2 kids, they are separated to his wife,, his wife has already another man...now problem is that i don't know if i what is the best decision to make.. will i continue or not,, but another question is what if the kids do not accept as in the future?

    Please help me,, what will i do,, i need advice..thank you very much

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