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  1. Hey bro could you help me out. I just lost my girl but cause i got possessive cause of the distance and she lied once and i overreacted. She has left me but i love her uncontrollably but she never talks to me. Shes chatting up other boys at her course and i walked in on her in bed and another boy was there. He was sleeping but it didnt look like she was cheating but i assumed the worst. I was so angry but i remembered god before i did anything stupid. ive come to the lord for advice. Its nice to know someone out there with experience bro. Im falling apart and i dont know how ill ever get her back. I wanted to kill myself but god was there for me. Living knowing that she'll be with someone else hurts bro so bad. Shes my 1st cousin. We were together 4 years and only seen each other a few weeks out of those years. My mistake is that i hurt her by grabbing her this time and then she thought id always hurt her. I dont know what to do bro any advice
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