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  1. Hey I'm madly in love with My cousin and she is my second cousin. I fell in love with her when we were like 7 or something but all these years I couldn't split out a word to her.  Please help me 

    1. pooch


      Open a thread here and we will try to help you out. :)

    2. Edward


      First of all thanks for replying. I'm from keral, India and I'm 18 she is also 18. I fell in love with her when I was 7 and when we were like 10 her parents took her to KSA but still was in love with her after 7 years she came back to India. I was so happy that she came back and that she is still single. But she told me that she had a relationship when she was in ksa but they broke up 2 years ago .I desperately want to tell her how i feel but I'm afraid what might happen. It's been one year since she is back and we are so close as we were back when we were kids. What should I do? 

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