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  1. Thank you so much!! Yes, you helped a lot. And having someone to share this with also helped me A LOT. Thank you so much!
  2. Hi Everyone~ I am Elie and I am a new member. I have been surfing the net for a couple of days now about this concern but I couldn't find any answer. Maybe some of can help? So the thing is, I am in a relationship with my first cousin once removed. Legally, I believe we are kinda clean since we are already on the 5th degree. But (and this is also my question), if we have a child, how would he/she be categorized? I mean, to which generation would he/she belong? In our family, I am from the 4th generation (from our common ancestor) while he is from the 3rd generation. So, will the child belong to the 5th generation? And if we get married, how would we relate to our respective family members? For example, my father is his first cousin. So if we get married, he will also be his father-in-law? Is that correct? I hope someone can help me make this clear. Thank you very much!
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