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  1. Not a day goes by where my heart doesn't grow in her favor. Shes my everything forever! Her birthday is coming up and this is a song I wrote for her. ­čśŹ V1 Whenever I'm feeling low I know which smile can heal my soul Whenever I'm feeling blue All I have to do is think of you Chorus Laughin' with you, dancing in your sun Anything we do, you make it all so fun I used to feel dull and oh so grey Until you pulled these shades from me V2 Whenever you cross my mind Feels like I'm laying in sunshine Whenever you look my way Feels like the moonlight is all mine V3 Palm trees, they catch your eyes If you're here, it really is paradise Seashells calling our name I'm never sad in your sunrise Outro Ooo What can I do? All I need is to be next to you Ooo When can I say? I love you more every passing day Ooo Where can I go? Anywhere with you in this big ol world Ooo Why do I try? This love lets me soar beyond the sky Ooo You know it's true Forever I Love you!
  2. Been spending alot of time with her and still falling harder and harder everyday. This is a poem I wrote for her. I gave her this poem with a few other gifts. These feelings are impossible to capture in words, but this is a start at least. My Moon, My Stars In this dark night known as life, You are My Moon and My Stars. A glow that guides me, heals me and leaves me in awe. Never could I imagine a land so cold Without your light, without your hold. I marvel at my star, heart overflows You pull my tide, and make my winds blow. In this dark night known as life, You are My Moon and My Stars. Wherever I wander, you are my sky, the soul that always makes mine thrive. Blessed, I am. To know an Angel like you. When night finally fades, you are my Sunrise too. In this dark night known as life, You are My Moon and My Stars. A fountain of Love, the greatest muse. When I'm with you, i never can lose. Forever your Shield, Forever your Sword For My Bright Light, Forever I'll Ward. Forever my Moon, Forever my Stars I love you forever, Forever my heart
  3. The only thing that really matters in a relationship are You and Him. It sounds like you have some support from some family. So it wouldn't be as devistating as it could be. The family members will get over it, they may be shocked at first and maybe feel strange about it for awhile, but the love between cousins is unmatchable. I think you should find a way to tell him. Worse case scenario, he feels a little weird about it, but he will still love you unconditionally. Letting it bottle up inside you is guranteed to have a worse outcome. You will regret it if you don't try. Of course, best case scenario would be the Utopia of limitless love between you. Start by easing into his mind, get him to open up and get as comfortable as possible with talking about his love life. Maybe bring up how you feel happiest when you visit him. Try to make plans to visit again. These things are definitely better in person to avoid miscommunication and he can feel your sincerity. Plus staring into each other's eyes will establish the soul to soul intamacy. As far as telling him, I'm in the same situation, so I only have ideas. You can always try the "if only you weren't my cousin" card, but it is likely to be brushed off. If you are genuinely invested in these feelings, I'd recommend something he cant misinterpret. You might have to be straight to the point, or as Serendipity said the light-hearted version for an escape route. That's just my opinion.
  4. Another inspiration from her. Muse´╗┐´╗┐ of mine, love unconditionally A bond so strong, only dieties may intervene. My affection, a degree of Omnipotentcy Allure beyond simple Mortality. Eternity, I am purplexed by this hex. A boon of my heart for this Aeon and the next Infinite, if this Amour had units to compare. A million resurrects, at least ´╗┐one would not fail Pressure is clustered in this array of Stars Lifetime of longing, are we still worlds apart? My Angel, rearrange the cosmos as´╗┐ you see fit.´╗┐ All of Space, Time and Love is my final´╗┐ gift´╗┐.´╗┐´╗┐´╗┐´╗┐´╗┐´╗┐´╗┐´╗┐´╗┐´╗┐´╗┐´╗┐
  5. In love with my cousin. Whenever I'm near her, my inspiration runs wild. I would love to share some of the words she helped me create (Reposting from other thread, missed the poem fourm) My Nova Of all these stars in my silver screen One burns´╗┐ brighter than I've ever seen A radiant glow, blissful energy Impossible to express in this reality ´╗┐ A love beyon´╗┐´╗┐´╗┐´╗┐´╗┐´╗┐d flesh, or fathom of thought A being I'd love after I'm torn apart Concealed ´╗┐within me, spurning truth A soul I'll coddle til death, since my youth. Her Aura charges my muse Though I cannot imbue hers An easy refuse´╗┐ Given the Affinity Shackled and judged should my covet be The entire desire, though exiled I'd see In histories course, the repetitions exist Am I lesser for clenching the same fist? In each aeon that star is encountered The pressure grows exponentially Heavy burden follows entombment Silence sheathes whispering chimera. A confession, a feeling, that in public eye Is jagged to the moral of a common time Behold, to me, a utopian dream. Peruse, to them, interdiction it seems. My star, my moon, my sky, my sun They keep me intact, without her I'm done ´╗┐ Encumbered gloom as ´╗┐distance unveils So divine, this Belle. Worth my eternity in hell.
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