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  1. I told my close mate about my relationship with my cousin and a few days later he opens up to me about him with his cousin. The 'real' issue here is she is 14 and he is 18. According to him its only talk for now and hardly and physical contact and no dating at all until later on. What do you lot say ? Should I tell him to break it off or what do you lot sugest ?
  2. Leyliaz

    Im nervous

    Dont get me wrong, I love my cousin and Im not that type of that guy that cares about others opinions, however anyone that I have met that is not a close mate, is always against cousin marriage. I dont get how so manny people can support LGBQT yet cant support cousin marriage. Literally 90% of people I have met have always been against cousin marriage. I will happily marry my cousin however this community is quite upseting of how uneducated they are. What do you lot say ?
  3. We did till the parents and they agreed with it a few month's on with it. I think middle eastern are more relaxed with it (I think they secretly knew). It was hard to tell as I grew up with my family obviously,but we did. They knew we are mature now and in our 20's and agreed to me and her this summer to go together on a 2 week holiday with her to have our first proper time together and further develop the relationship. After that as long we use our own money we can fly over to each other and meet. Also now that they know we can finally actually FaceTime and call and not miss each other as much. Thank you for the advice anyway.
  4. Since everyone is sharing their story let me share mine too. My first cousin lives in another place and growing up we would only go to that place once a year for a month. So this complete love took around two years. First year I told her that I like her ; Im such a shy person that I had to tell her through writing a message on her phone. I honestly did not know what to expect back as I have never done this before. Surprisingly she said she likes me back. ( It had such a good feeling to it, I dont how to say it). So we had to leave two days later with not much said later on and came back. However throughout the year I didnt really think about it too much. The next year we go we dont talk about it much, not at all infact till the last week of our holiday. We went on a holiday with her family luckily. However throughout the whole month she had been asking for my photos but didnt say why. Every time I ask why she would say she wants somewhere private to say why. So before we talk about anything at all I had a dream of marrying her. Now look at this coincidence. The next day we go to the beach. I tell her to come with me to the sea. While walking their I told her to tell me as it was kind of private now. So we go into the sea together and she tells me she has been thinking about me the whole year and wants photos of me to look over when she misses me. (Long story why we cant message). She then goes on about how every night she wants to grow up and marry me and grow up together. It was in the sea and it just felt so perfect and romantic. So she then asked me if I had the same feeling toward her, and I said yes of course I would want to grow up with you. We then had a slow walk back to our sitting place and had lunch. The next day because of my annoying arse uncle we couldn't say goodbye properly and had to leave and go back home, till the next year. This year when I see her I would just want to talk to her for hours and hours as the last two years we didnt really have the right time and place. Ive never really fancied a girl but ever since last year I would just think of her everyday. Thats how we became together. I started the love very slightly but Im suprised how confident my cousin was towards me. Which is a good thing as she is comfortable with me. P.S. I want to thank the whole internet especially this forum as it really helped go forward as I always thought cousin did not get married, but because of this forum I couldnt care less about her being my cousin and I have all my emotions to her. Also before I was very anxious about people thinking about me ( It was my brain not me) but growing up thankfully I have grown out of that. And when I think about people's opinion about my marriage, I go to myslelf " I dont care about what they think as long as we are happy" thankfully.
  5. As I am most likely going to be with my first cousin and we will get married, I was interested how was the wedding. Like the majority of the people that came to the wedding where your aunts and uncles and cousins and family that you grew up with. How did it feel. Did you feel akward, confused, anxious..... Where your close ones supportive or gave you weird looks..??..
  6. Leyliaz

    Need advice

    Ah ok thank you for that. Also we are both in our 20's. Not married or in a relationship other than with each other.
  7. Hi Last year my cousin expressed her feelings for me. I also responded positively back to her and said I have feelings for her as well. However two days later I had to go back to my home. I got 2 months to going back and tell her my decisions. I read a lot of people are with their second cousins, however this is my first cousin. My dads brothers daughter. What do you lot say about this. Should I be with my cousin ? Also if you lot are also with your cousin (dads brother daughter) could you share your story with me. I have always had feelings for her but never said it because I am the most nervous guy but she told me her feelings last year in the most romantic way in the sea together. Also could you lot give me advice of being in a relationship. Its my first time being in a proper relationship. Thank you
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