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  1. Even if you’re the last one I’m sure your not the last prospective opportunity. I’m trying, sadly failing, but I’ll be here trying not to be too sad at my own situation 😂.
  2. Thanks and hello AlmostaCouple, so she lives a thousand miles away so no face to face, but we message each other literally everyday. And in terms of you needing more information what type of information are you looking for?
  3. Thanks for the reply PickledPie, I don’t know because I’ve never have and never would snuggle with like my sister. I just presumed that it would be the same thought process for her if she didn’t think of me as anything more than just a cousin.
  4. It would be ok to have a relationship if he wasn’t married but since he is married then I’ll have to agree with Nattana, off limits. But if he divorces her on his own without pressure from you then go towards your hearts desires.
  5. I wish I could give a better response than just do what your heart desires but I also am in a situation and I don’t know what to do either and haven’t gotten any responses so I don’t really have a very valid opinion.
  6. Ok so I’m in love with my cousin, let the story begin, I’m a 17yr old man and my cousin is also 17. Up until recently I hadn’t seen her for 10+ years due to family complications and distance. But recently we had a family reunion and we hit it off so well that I flew down to California with her for a week. Over this week I started to see some signs that maybe she was starting to catch feelings. She hugs me a lot and at one point I was semi mad at her and she was basically non stop hugging me begging me not to be mad. Another sign I saw was during movies, when she was cold we snuggled and when we watched a scary movie we did the same. One night we were taking and she pointed out how my lips were shaped and I personally have never heard of someone just observing another lips unless they wanted something to happen. Now that I’m back from the trip we were texting and I was sending some more flirtatious messages and all of a sudden she confronts me about the texts saying that she felt uncomfortable because we were family and so I told her I didn’t mean it like that to not seem “creepy” I guess. I don’t know if she changed her mind or just felt wrong about it so she backed off but I don’t know what it all means. It all seemed to line up in person but none of it does over text. So what should I do? I don’t want her to find someone else before I can speak my mind, but I also don’t want to ruin the relationship if she’s doesn’t feel the same. So how do I go about telling her?
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