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  1. i really want to have sex with my cousin, and i think she feels the same. to start off, she’s 26 and i’m 15, but i’m 6 foot and really athletic. my cousin, is the sexiest women i’ve ever met. she’s latina, with a huge ( i mean huge) and perfect butt. her body is so curvy, and she’s short so it’s even better. she lives with my family, and wears such small clothing and i can’t help my self. when ever it’s just me and her in the house, she’s always wearing small little shorts that are pulled up high, or when she walks out of the shower she will leave her towel hanging a bit so that i can see her thong and it just makes me so horny. she knows for a fact that i look at her arse and chest and when i’m in my room with no shirt on she looks at me every time. i want to ask her so badly to have sex ( she’s more fluent in spanish than english) but i’m so scared that there’s that small chance that she might say no and she’ll tell my parents and my whole life will be screwed. please give me some advice !! i should also do add that i stalk her social media’s and masturbate to her pictures and think of her, i even have dreamt of having sex with her several times. i watch porn and masturbate but only to women that have her body, but none are as perfect as my cousins!
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