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  1. I am 28 he is 28..our birthdays are a week apart..I was born on his due date and he was he was born on mines.. we're both aries..we actually have admitted how we feel about each other and we feel the same..it's exciting that we're on the same page! I truly love him and I feel he feels the same we have agreed to see where things go because we don't want each other to feel smothered..he said he wants to be with me but we have agreed to keep things between us while we explore our feelings towards one another! He said that he feels like I'm the one I feel like he's my twin flame! We've both felt
  2. So my first cousin and I didn't grow up together but over the years we've built a relationship through letters he's in prison right now I've always felt like he started with me but I've never really been sure. He would ask me to send him pictures before he went to prison via cell phone, he was married then so I didn't think much of it I just figured because we hadn't seen each other in a while that he wanted to have a picture of me. I didn't feel the same way at first but I flirted with the idea because of the way that he made me feel I didn't feel like anything was wrong with it I honestly an
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