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  1. Well we're not in a relationship yet, there's just feelings but for now, I only told 4 of my closest friends (plus my sister) about it. Their reactions were: 1 friend: A little bit shocked and speechless, but immediately told me I shouldn't care what others say and was really supportive. Obviously asked me about the genetic topic, but other than that it was fine. I can talk to her about him always and she's really cool with it. 2 friend: mmmm I really don't know how to explain her reaction. I mean she was like "yeah well I noticed that a little bit", then she was like "but do you see a future with him?" And now whenever I try to tell her something about it she kind of doesn't react really. I don't think she cares, but with passt crushes she was always very open and asked me about it and bla bla bla. But whatever, I'm pretty sure she is accepting. 3 friend: her first reaction was like "oh no that must be really hard" but then was like "you know what? It's not that weird, it happens really often, go for it, society will always talk, so do whatever you want." However she also was trying to "help me" forget about him and told me to cut him off 😂😂😂 but no, she is really cool with it overall. 4 friend: at the beginning I told her the whole story without mentioning he is my cousin, and then after a few weeks I "confessed" to her he was my cousin. She was like "why didn't you tell me? I'm like your big sister" and then was like "it's okay, that can happen it's not a big deal" but also proceeded to warn me about the genetic problems it can cause on our kids, but other than that she is really understanding and supportive. And finally, my sister. Well she basically noticed I liked him way before I told her and she was always like "I think you like him" and I was like "NOO" but eventually I told her "what do I do? He is our cousin!" and she was just like "I think if you love each other you should be together, nothing else matters." And yeah, I talk to her about him frequently, and she is cool with it. I still have a few other close friends I didn't tell them because I don't know how, like I'm 100% sure they will be really supportive and stuff, but I'm afraid they'll judge me or tell this to someone else I don't want. Well maybe in the future I'll tell them, for now I'm good.
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