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    Dealing with telling family

    My cousin and I have always had feelings for each other and recently we both have acted on it! It is absolutely amazing, we are so in love! Some of the family started suspecting something was up so we decided to tell them so they would hear it from us and not rumors from others. Some aren’t taking it so well! My mother will not talk to me now and my sisters are posting hurtful things on Facebook about inbreeding. This is hard to handle. Even so it it’s worth it to me! He treats me better than anyone ever has in my life! We live in NC currently where it’s legal to be married here but I had plans to move to Texas this summer! Where we know it’s not! We have a question on that subject if anyone can answer... if we got married in NC and moved to TX would it still be a criminal offense to have sex?? I am past having children FYI and have had a tubal, even though that doesn’t matter in TX Except I can’t get pregnant and or be proven we are having sex 🙄🤪 Please advise?!?