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  1. If she has a boyfriend, IMO it is wise to just step back. She's spoken for, at least for now, and it could be a disaster to interfere with that. For me, it's an absolute. If they are in a relationship or married or otherwise involved with someone else, hands off.
  2. The very best "sign from the universe" I had was when my 1st cousin/fiance' admitted she had the same feelings towards me as I do for her. The other stuff is just woo woo crap. Just sayin'
  3. ragingdesire61

    All right!

    She had just turned 30. This was nearly 28 years ago. The marriage was miserable, for me at least, but I sure didn't wish that on her, or anyone for that matter. We could be grocery shopping in the supermarket, and maybe pass a woman in the aisle and if I said as much as "excuse me" to get the shopping cart past her, chit would hit the fan when we got back to the car. " Where do you know her from?". "Where do I know WHO from?". "That woman in the black top you passed in the canned goods aisle." "WHAT?????". "It sure seemed like you knew each other." What the #@!?, I've never seen that woman in my life!" "Right, just deny, deny, deny". That's kind of how it went, it was loonytunes. I was never unfaithful, yet she was convinced I had a regular harem of concubines secreted away somewhere. The day I moved out, I was loading stuff up in my pickup, including my firearms, and she calls the police. "It's my husband, and he has a gun!" Needless to say, the cops were over in a flash, they cuff me and have me sitting in the driveway while they interview her. She finally admits that while yes, I "had" a gun, I in no way was threatening her, just merely loading them into my vehicle. Still they took my guns and held them for 30 days and let me go. They should have arrested her arse for a false report. The only good I can say about it all is that I don't have a crazy ex-wife hanging around.
  4. I have only told a couple of very close friends that I am engaged to my first cousin. Both of them are happy and supportive. We have made a decision, however, not to tell the family at large until we finalize the marriage in August, as there will be some serious backlash when we do, and we want it to be a done deal before that happens. We have told my fiance's grown son, who just grinned and said "niiiice" so he is way cool about it. Going forth with the world at large, we won't be announcing to everyone that we are first cousins, I'm her husband and she is my wife, and that's the truth and all anyone really needs to know.
  5. ragingdesire61

    All right!

    No, no OD, we weren't drug users. She had a subarachnoid aneurysm....a bleed in her brain.
  6. ragingdesire61

    All right!

    LOL, well, I can't comment on nasty breakups between cousins, as my sweetie and myself are just embarking on our journey. I do know about nasty breakups though. After a tortuous 8 year marriage to a paranoid and suspicious woman who thought I was, literally, screwing everything in skirts, we finally separated. Then she had the NERVE to kick the bucket suddenly and unexpectedly 3 days after I moved out 😡
  7. Well, yes, biologically you are cousins. Socially it seems that you don't view each other that way so.... Ultimately you two will have to decide what the right course is, and IMO a life lived based on the approval or disapproval of others based on some weird and irrational stigma wouldn't be much of a life.
  8. True enough. I don't know if any of these laws have actually ever been challenged in court but it seems to me that they might be pretty easy to get tossed out. Only thing is it can take some coin to fight the legal battle unless some motivated attorney wanting to make a name for themselves takes it pro bono
  9. Best of luck, I hope that you get enough traction to get things changed. Forbidding your marriage is just stupid. You have my full support though as I'm not a Utah resident I don't see how signing the petition would do any good.
  10. I do Facebook, somewhat reluctantly. Primarily as a way to keep in touch with family and friends throughout NDN Country. The overwhelming majority of folks on my "friends" list are people I actually know in the real world, but I am really conscious about my privacy, and generally don't post about my personal life. I can't stand the political bickering, from the left or the right. It seems to me it serves mostly to antagonize those you might disagree with to no benefit for anyone.
  11. For what it's worth: I am romantically involved with my first cousin. We have been the best of friends our entire lives, and only recently admitted to each other that we we have had a life-long attraction and deeper feelings for each other. We did a rather awkward dance for a couple of months around this issue, she being freaked out at the idea of us being cousins, but she is a sensible, thoughtful woman, and came to the conclusion that our relationship in no way is illegal, immoral, or wrong. It violates none of the teachings of our respective religious beliefs, and we view our feelings for each other as a Gift from God. Life is short, and we choose to be be together. We have not dealt with family, the only one who knows at this point is her grown son, who, when we sat down and told him, simply grinned and said "Niiiiice". We are engaged to be married late this coming summer, and have decided to hold off informing the rest of the family until after we are married. We are not going to allow their drama or disapproval to dictate how we are living our lives, especially when we are doing nothing wrong. If this feeling between you and your cousin/beloved is genuine, seize it and don't look back. You will regret it the rest of your days if you walk away out of fear.
  12. Oh, no, nothing to be sorry about. My beloved and I are engaged to be married this coming August. 🙂
  13. My first cousin who I am engaged to be married to in August, and I do not resemble each other physically. Our mothers were sisters, and THEY resembled each other, but my fiance' does not look like her mother in the least. Rather, she takes after her fathers side of the family in terms of appearance. Myself, I do not resemble either one of my parents very much except for my dark skin and dark hair which I inherited from my mom, her being full-blood native. Even though my cousin is also half Native American, she appears Caucasian...fair hair, fair skin like her Norwegian/Dutch paternal side. With me, it's pretty unmistakable that I'm indian, people often assuming that I am a full blood.
  14. Bro, I think at this point in your life maybe you should stock up on, or swipe, a couple of Penthouse magazines and entertain yourself that way. Boinking isn't a game, especially with your cousin and even more so at your age. As others have noted here, I see nothing but problems if you take this too far.
  15. My beloved and I are engaged to be married this coming August. We are going to have a small, private, and simple ceremony attended only by a few close friends. To say that I am incredibly happy is an understatement. We have decided, for the sake of our own sanity, to not inform family until after our marriage is a done deal. We are not going to live our lives based on other's opinions, biases or misconceptions. They can either accept our marriage, or they can move along.
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