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  1. There is no elevated risk of birth defect with a third cousin pairing, or second for that matter, and only a slightly elevated risk from a first cousin marriage. FWIIW
  2. I have only told a couple of very close friends that I am engaged to my first cousin. Both of them are happy and supportive. We have made a decision, however, not to tell the family at large until we finalize the marriage in August, as there will be some serious backlash when we do, and we want it to be a done deal before that happens. We have told my fiance's grown son, who just grinned and said "niiiice" so he is way cool about it. Going forth with the world at large, we won't be announcing to everyone that we are first cousins, I'm her husband and she is my wife, and that's the truth and all anyone really needs to know.
  3. I love to fish and bow hunt. I make all my own archery tackle, and even hunt with stone points where legal. I don't drink either, having quit nearly 30 years ago in my mid 20's, but I still find fishing to be a great source of pleasure. Most of the fishing I do is either ocean fishing or winter steelhead fishing, and neither are good places to be wandering, or boating around drunk. You could end up dead pretty quick :) I would not call it "fun", and certainly not recreation, but the greatest source of peace and joy in my life is my spiritual life and practices. I am a traditionalist native, and practice the old ways of my people. Sweat lodge, the sacred pipe, and our Sundance. Although I am not a Native American Church member, I will attend at times when a friend or relative asks me to come for support.
  4. I am attempting to reply to my own thread on the help/advice forum, and when I hit submit, I get a 403 Forbidden error page. Can someone help?
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