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  1. My fault i looked indside the forum, and see thats its a place for people, that have married their cousins. People in denial like Darwins, Son. That have made up their own psudo science. https://blogs.scientificamerican.com/observations/charles-darwins-family-tree-tangled-with-inbreeding-early-death/ Guess i could write and help you people alot, and make a scientific discussion. But now you will feel that your belief is attacked and probably throw me out. You will overlook the problems cousin marrige have. Im not saying that all normal marrige is good. Like a 40 year old woman getting a child is also harmful. But you cannot compare it in the same way. The data you have on the site doenst in any way fit the the data, that is 100% legit and out there. This site is almost like the same as pedofiles trying to convince themselfs that what they are doing is alright. Im not saying cousin marrige is bad, a mother on drugs are way worse for the undevelop child. But first 1,2.3.4 cosuin all carry a risk. 1 and 2 carry way more and also 3 It can also have benefits, in some ways. But still this site seems to me like, alot of denial. The fact is out there you ccan look at the Pakistani communities, and pakistan. You can look at Turkey and other arab countrys. You can look at Darwins family You can read all of the scientific data, which is solid numbers on disabled people. I also like the fact that my comment is hidden and cannot be seen until approved, freedon of speech :-)
  2. What you write dosent fit the scientific data. you say i quote "your parents are 2nd cousins. that is genetically no more similar than two UNrelated people" https://customercare.23andme.com/hc/en-us/articles/212170668-Average-percent-DNA-shared-between-relatives So 3% to 5% is no more similar than normal unrealted people? You can go and ask any scientist they would laugh at yuor face definetly. They share way more than unralelated people. Second cousins are not anything near normal marrige. Either you must be plain stupid, or have denial problems on your own. It dosent fit with all of the other data on the field too. I know alot of people that are facing difficulties cuz of cousin marrige. The internet is deeply filled with people that are in denial for all sorts of things i guess. Thougt comming to this forum and seeking answers would give me something. But seems like people in denial exist here. If you make 1 cousin marrige 2 times in a row you are inbreed. I know people up here with alot of difficulties. Research has been done on this in uk on the pakistanis. In one municipality the pakistanis make up 30% of the disabled why they only make up 3% of the population of that city. Guess its healthy to make cousin marrige. Maybe you should go and read on wikipedia, or somewhere else. 1 cosuin marrige doubles the risk by 100%. The whole quality of the product falls. 2 cousins carry also a risk, it is smaller but still there. You can read about the Amish people and so alot of research has been done on this field. If you want more than research you can travel to middle east and see for yourself. Im Turkish myself and seen the problems firsthand. So next time before you go play professor, read up on the subject. As said you can look at the link above, to see the genetical material shared. If you want more data i can link it. By the way im 29 years old, not a teenager. I know alot about the subject but have difficulties making out what i am in realiton to if i am dobuble second cousin o not. Hope you will study the subject so next time, somebody else want, have to read your comment with no scientific background
  3. Hi, the thing is my mom and dad are 2 cousins. My dad's mom and dad are also 2 cousins (said in another way my grandparents on my fathers side are 2 cousins). What does this make me besides being inbreed? On my moms side there is no relation Am i double second cousins? Or something else. Thanks
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