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  1. Hello everyone, Im giving an update onto this whole situation. So basically, I finally got over the fact that she was dating someone else, but more importantly, she has shown that she does indeed have feelings for me. I chickened out of telling her my true feelings, but sooner or later, she will know,. I want to thank everyone who tried to help, I really appreciate it. I have since stopped taking the pain pills and feel great. Thanks everyone!
  2. Thanks for the advice. I’m just so distraught at the moment. She has joked around before about liking me, except I’m certain they weren’t jokes. I am also currently dating someone and it seems like that is also bothering her. I just don’t know what to really do. Im pooping painkillers in order to ease my emotional pain, but that only goes so far. Im planning on telling her how I really feel about her this weekend. Even if she does not recoprocate the same feelings towards me, it will finally answer the question that I’ve been yearning to know. Wish me luck, I’ll really need it.
  3. My cousin and I just recently met as teens. I felt an instant attraction to her, and I’m fairly sure she did as well. We would brush up against each other and hold hands everytime we were alone. Now I just found out that she started dating and I am ceasing to function. I really can’t do any of my daily tasks. I’m still in highschool, and my grades are begging to drop. I really don’t know what to do. I really can’t do anything without feeling this sense is emptiness. I NEED HELP
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