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    Colorado springs, Colorado.
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    Chaos magik, gnosticism, Hermetic Kabbalah and Jewish Kabbalah, Thelema, Alistair Crowley.
    Quantum physics, digital art, Music, cats
    Reading, world history, theology, anthropology and Archaeology.
    Philosophy astronomy and astrology.
    Tarot cards and marijuana, youga , Organic foods artisan foods and crafts and Artisan spirits such as micro brewed beers.

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About Me

I'm quiet and shy , I'm a complete hipster you know typical millennial lol.

I enjoy reading and video games also practicing my ritual magick. 

I have two children and a cat named after my favorite Babylonian Goddess (Ishtar).

I'm a devout fallower of Alistair Crowley's Thelema. 

I'm a proud member of the occult, I belong to the OTO. 

I'm am in a relationship with my first cousin who is 20 years older than myself. 

This has happened a few times in my family before us. 

PS my children are extremely healthy and well adjusted! 

Theres nothing wrong with them genetically!

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