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  1. Oh dear, its really harsh of them. If i were you, maybe either i will move out directly and live or marry my bf soon. This is also a reason of me keeping ours a secret. We are about to be a year next month. And also, in my country if you make a shame in family name, we can just be expelled from our family. did you try to speak with your bf's family? They can also help you in certain ways. Either as your bf's parents or as family.
  2. Hi, i recall i ever used this website last year, yet i cant find any post that i posted that time with this account. Will they erase some topics within a certain time? Or i made some mistake? i cant recall my topic's tittle which is hard to search now. But i never know any other website for this thing. Some help please?
  3. Well when my man and me kissed for the first time, i felt him as a stranger. Since he is half dutch, we rarely see each other. The time before we got in touch, we rarely speak. Since i wasnt interested in his subject(mostly games), I only realized his presence for these 4 years. And got closer every year. And last year, we did our first kiss. So i used pocky game to dare him. And i just did a short kiss, and then he ask for another pocky lol and on the 2nd pocky, when i tried to get away from him, he tried to catch me with his lips opening and closing on the air 😂 and asking me "do
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