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  1. I got a PM from Trevor but I ignored it. If I don't want to tell the family about my relationship, why the hell would I tell a documentary producer? So he can blast it on national TV and make me out to be an illiterate hick? I've seen what the media does to cousin couples and I want no part of it
  2. We talked a lot (hours at a time) and he had opened up to me about some personal issues he had struggled with. I had done the same. I definitely felt that he had feelings too but regardless, it was still a risk.
  3. From what you say, it sounds like he does. Keep in mind that there is risk with anything like this. No one has a magic ball, ok? I told my cousin I cared for him because I was faced with a choice: tell him and face the positive or negative consequences or not say anything and then spend the rest of my life wondering "what could have been". Which is worse? You must decide. For me, I felt rejection sucked but I would rather take then then spend years wondering about the path I didn't take.
  4. Yes, we are in a relationship now. I told him "Listen I need to tell you something, I have feelings for you." He seemed delighted but surprised and scared. We are first cousins (blood) and I told him "I don't care that we are related. It doesn't change how I feel. I know we are compatible and we can make this work." We remain together now. I love him so much and he loves me.
  5. I did with mine. It's so hard but it's worth it when you know in your heart that you have to.
  6. Honestly, that given by the fact that you two go out together, have plans to move in together... It does sound like you two are kind of like a couple. Ask him! I would just come out with it and say "hey, remember that comment about me being a significant other to you? I think we'd actually make a cute couple, what do you think?"
  7. Mitchell, It's time to banish the "what ifs". You had told her your feelings then and she didn't seem to return them (and she told the family as well). In a sense, you already had "your shot", it's not like she was unaware of your feelings. As for whether or not you could have stopped her from making bad life choices, who knows. Maybe you could have but I'm thinking likely not. I don't know why she ended up doing the things that she did but I'm getting the feeling that there is a lot you may not know about her. She could have had life events that led her down a different path and that th
  8. I saw the episode. It's kind of disheartening to see that cousin love between consenting adults is on the same level of "weird" as clown sex and whatnot. I couldn't watch the whole episode. I ended up turning it off. It's just another reminder of why my cousin and I have to keep our relationship secret.
  9. There are several cousin couples in the Bible and Leviticus only bans relationships between "close family members". Apparently cousins aren't included. I haven't heard of any ban on cousin couples in any religion... Seems mostly to be societal.
  10. I'd state the facts...being 3rd cousins, you share less than 1% of your DNA. Check this out: https://customercare.23andme.com/hc/en-us/articles/212170668-Average-percent-DNA-shared-between-relatives Your family is being mean but they are doing it because they know it bothers you. You need to face them head on, tell them what I mentioned above, and tell them to build a bridge so they can get the f__k over it and stop being childish.
  11. TX is one the states with strict laws on cousin relationships. You cannot marry, have sex, or cohabit. You cannot marry in another state. Given that child custody is on the line and cousin sex is considered felony incest in the state, you may need to consider keeping your relationship under wraps. In other states that outlaw marriage, you could still cohabit and it would be fine, not illegal to cohabit and just not marry. However TX considers that incest so yes, if word gets out, someone could use that against you to get custody of your kids.
  12. I am atheist and so is my cousin and I can confirm, I think more religious people (especially Jews and Muslims) are accepting. Atheists and other secular types are not. Incest is seen as primitive and "just wrong". For me personally, I don't believe in regulating what 2 adult people do in the bedroom and with each other. Yes, the risk of disability in offspring is higher and should be considered. If genetic testing were considered/required in all states, I'd be okay with it as long as the state ponied up for it. Personally I will never procreate with my cousin but that's my choice. But lo
  13. If neither of you want children, then why not have him go get a vasectomy or you can go and get a tubal ligation? This would fulfill the sterile requirement and you wouldn't have to wait until you're 55.
  14. I say reach out to him and see what happens. It may work out, maybe not, but you need to let yourself explore this and if it doesn't work out, THEN you can finally move on. If it does, then you can either deal with the famoly fallout or keep it secret. My 1st cousin and I are in a relationship together and our family doesn't know. I don't care and nor does he. It's not any of their business.
  15. I have a relationship with my cousin and I am so happy with him. If it's wrong, I don't want to be right.
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