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  1. My first cousin and I (30sF, 40sM) are together and we are both committed to keeping our relationship secret, not out of legal concern (cousin marriage is legal where we are) but because we know our families woild not react well. Neither of us has EVER wanted to get married or have kids so that's a moot point. We intend to keep the relationship under wraps until all our parents are gone. I see a lot of stories about telling families, marriage, etc. but has anyone committed to keeping the relationship largely under wraps? Looking for ideas on how to explain hi eventually moving in with me. We are thinking of saying that he needed a cheap room to rent. I make mror than he does (different fields) so it's not unheard of. Share your secrevy tips!
  2. Cousin couples do have a slightly higher risk of having children with genetic disorders from recessive traits...but I don't think those rates of disability are any more than, say, women giving birth when 40-45+ years in age. Are they going to outlaw women from having kids past a certain age too? At any rate, I don't believe the stats presented on the show. They seem overblown and I've never seen such high numbers before for birth defects and the like so yeah, color me skeptical.
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