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  1. Did he give you any hints he liked you ? or did you just take the leap ?
  2. Wow do you think he feels the same for me . I want to be sure before I say anything
  3. and the feelings were mutual ? Please tell me how you told them and how they responded .
  4. You think he likes me too though or he is just a flirty guy i have no experience with guys .I am so shy i never even had a bf lol.
  5. well we joked about it one time actually i forgot about this till you said it . So i was asking if there was anyone single at his work and he said there is but he is kind of a player and a jerk .He then went on to say other than that there is me (meaning him ) and that might be a little bit awkward we laughed and i said hey i would already have met your parents and we just laughed about it but he didnt seem grossed out by the idea .
  6. Its so hard because its like i know it and he knows it but no one wants to be the one to say to their own cousin "I like you"
  7. So we were hanging out on valentines day , he said he didnt know it was valentines day though but it was still nice to spend the day together . We originally planned to go to a movie premiere (he asked me ) which just happened to be on valentines day but decided not to go . I asked him if he wanted to hangout anyway he agreed . We were just driving around listening to music and were both single and being sarcastic i said " who has a significant other what a loser " just joking around and he said "hey youre my significant other you are significant to me shannon . I just thought thats a weird thing to say a significant other is a couple in a relationship right ? does he wish we were together ? He has done other things to such as fake mocking me and saying "oh look at me im shannon im so pretty and everyone loves me ". We also talked about moving into together when he makes enough money to buy a house . It feels like were already together but no one wants to be the first to just say it. Am i crazy or does he like me back ? He is technically my half cousin because our moms have different dads if that makes a diference lol. I told my mom about the things he says because i tell her everything and she agrees its weird . I liked him in a non friendly way since i was like 17 . I am 24 he is 25 and we still hangout and have this special connection we always got along and he is my best friend honestly and i think we would be great together.
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