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  1. Hello, I posted on here couple months back. You don't need to read anything in old thread as it's a new situation now. My 1st cousin (F) and I (M) are in late-20s and known each other most of our lives. I felt some connection with her since first time we met as kids. We got close for couple years, then drifted apart in teenage years rarely talking or even looking at each other. My feelings were there but dormant then in our 20s, we began talking again and getting close over past year or 2. We got closer and my feelings became deeper. Things just took a twist. Last week, she random
  2. You are too young to be thinking about relationships and love! Your best bet is to become good friends with her as Ambra and Commander said and see if you both feel same way when you both reach high school. Trust me when I say that you two will be very different people in just a couple years. I don't know of any couple from my circle or other classmates who were together together since middle school and lasted into adulthood. It's very rare because you change so much in your teenage years. For now focus on developing friendships and your world view. Everything else will take care of itself in
  3. No, don't do that man. It must be hard to deal with broken heart but time heals all wounds. I can't tell you how to forget about her because I am in similar boat, but I can tell you how you can get over a heartbreak. Find something to get your mind off her. Read books, find a hobby, join a club, make a journal on computer and write down your thoughts daily, meditate. Talk to real-life friends you trust. Life is way too precious to give up on. Never give up, my friend, no matter how hopeless it may seem at times. You have so much to live for! Don't let one situation bring you to your knees
  4. Honestly I don't know what I want. I am conflicted. All I know for sure is I have feelings for her. I can't make sense of it beyond that. She is a wonderful person, always smiling and someone who listens and loves to talk with me but only when we are alone together. I ask her a lot of questions about her and she talks a lot. She is gentle, kind and real pretty. I have always felt something for her since childhood. As badly as I want her, you are probably right that my best recourse is no recourse at all. I should just leave it alone, regardless of how difficult or tempting it may be. I wa
  5. I was posting for some advice on a cousin crush. I feel embarrassed to even bring this awkward situation up, but I need some advice. So I am in my mid-20s and I have a crush on my first cousin-female, who is a year younger. I have been trying real hard to forget about her, but the harder I try, the harder it gets. So let me start with our childhood. We have known each other since we were very young. We were not very close but we were together often along with my other siblings (my other siblings were too young to know any better or remember). She and I played doctor-doctor together
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