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  1. Grind, from what I read, it sounds like you two are friendly and able to flirt. It does sound like you two have a future. As I've learned some other major things that she likes you could be her body language when you two are together or if she seems to be different around you, and what I mean by that is more playful or flirty etc. But from the sounds of the text messages you put in your original post. I'd say she likes you. Keep us updated on how everything goes.
  2. https://www.cousincouples.com/?page=overview Here is that page I was referring to in my response
  3. Chanel, there is a board on here that talks specifically about that. But to summarize it, the general public has a 2 to 3 percent of major birth defects in offspring where as first cousins, have a 4 to 6 percent, but there are differing circumstances that'll change that, for instance if you or your cousins parents or grandparents were first cousins. If that's the case then I'd refer to the board for the specifics on that. But if you two are the only first cousin relationship then you have a 94 to 96 percent chance you'll have a healthy child. I hope this helped.
  4. Rick, while there are no ways to 100% tell unless she flat out says it. There are possible clues you can look for, like for instance if she seems to act different around you than to anyone else, or looking for certain body language e.g. she'll turn her whole body toward you when talking to you instead if just turning her head to look over her shoulder to talk to you. There's a lot of other things that you could also look for on the internet like searching "how can I find out if a girl likes me" or something similar and you'll find a lot. Also are you and her good or close friends?
  5. Sounds like you two are very playful and friendly together, but I'd say you're really young right now. As Ambra said you have your whole life ahead of you. I'd say to just focus on your schooling and what you want to do in life right now. You two are too young to be pursuing anything serious right now. Let her know that you'll always be there for her and be her friend and maybe when you two are older than you two can pursue a romantic relationship. And if you do, always be sure to be best friends first. Romantic love can never exist without a strong friendship.
  6. I just made an account. Yeah. It's unfortunate that that's the norm for the way people look at cousin relationships. We're no different than any other relationship. We're both Christian so I believe God has a plan for our lives and He knows what's best for both of us. Also when it comes to her current relationship, I'm gonna be supportive of her and be very intentional that I'm there for her if she needs help. I walked beside her through the struggles of her last relationship around 2 years ago and she appreciated that very much. Her and I have always been friends but we've gotten so much closer since then. Enough so that it's easy for others to think that we're a couple.
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