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  1. Yes, but it appears to be color coordinated with purple indicating first cousin once removed which says Indiana and Wisconsin. Yes I do need to ask a lawyer but just wanted to ask if someone on here already talked to one and got married in Illinois.
  2. I just checked again and on this site it doesn’t say it’s prohibited.
  3. Has anyone on here got married to their first cousin once removed in Illinois? I looked at the state laws page and it does say it’s allowed but again you guys do say to ask a lawyer. Just want to know if anyone on here has got married here or talked to a lawyer and knows for sure. Thanks!
  4. Oh so this does includes all forms of consanguineous marriages? How did you find this out? When I seen this it worried me and I didn’t understand where they got their info. Yeah I hate how he wants to try to make it a joke about where they get their facts and he pulls some bs like this. Why is this guy called a Dr? Is he suppose to help people and have a healthy debate? It just seems he attacks these people and says what he can to get a laugh.
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