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  1. I was in a very similar boat. We had never met before I was 26 years old ! We both already had children from previous relationships and fell in love. hard. At first it was frightening. We hid it for 6 months or so. Then people started gradually catching on. We did go thru a rough spot of having to explain ourselves to our parents (dads are brothers) and everyone and then an awkward stage of a few of them kinda staying away... not really talking to us. And now... 2.5 years later we have all our families over for holidays. We talk to everyone regularly. Our relationship is no longer the focus of
  2. We live in Oregon, where marriage is illegal for us. It's legal to cohabitate and whatnot. But not to marry. My question is, if we go to say California or Colorado to get married. Does Oregon recognize it or is it void? Some sites I found say it's not void and some say it is. Help ! ???
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