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  1. no, we came clear couple of times confessing our love to each other openly. It's just she's backing off each time. Last time she told me that we cant be together because she can never be the one for me, that it's her inner feeling. But when we talk via skype or on the phone her voice is shaking and she sounds very nervous and she tries often to hang on me or just avoids voice calls in general. It's all really weird. I think for now I should just explore my and her feelings some more. P.S. Thanks for your many replies guys ! Sorry for not showing up here.
  2. Be careful, for now just try to become his friend. You have a long way to go so take your time, but make sure so that you won't loose touch with him and then after years of unhappy marriage come to a realization that you've loved him your whole life and can't live without him like so many of us have. Just hang-on to him, don't let him go.
  3. Hi guys ! I guess I'm in LDR, with my cousin. It all started this winter. We never talked about it before that and for past 7 years we've been living two oceans apart. She contacted me first and then essentially confessed her love to me, but when I was trying to tell her that I felt the same way all my life, she rejected me! Then again in couple of weeks or so she confessed to me again and then again after sometime she told me that she had confused her feelings for me. These short-term "break-ups" are usually quite dramatic, she calls me names and tells how we can't be a couple because of our differences or that she doesn't like guys like me, stuff like that. She never addresses the fact that we are cousins directly. I don't really know what to think of it... I think she freaks out because we are cousins. How do I tell her that there is nothing wrong with us being cousins ?
  4. She definitely likes you. So heres my advice, be careful and don't rush things too quickly take your time, let your relationship grow some more.
  5. Try to get to know her a bit better. You could try to insert yourself into her live do what she does.
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