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  1. So I'm a 30 year old male virgin. Have had no experience of being in love and all of a sudden my 22 year old female cousin pops up in Canada and we just "click" as if we were on a date or something. About a week ago, she came to Canada from Iran to study English here and kinda settle down and find a job etc. Shes been staying at my moms place for the time being until she finds a place to move in (with like a roommate or someone). I work a full-time job and when I'm finished I get drained and want to just go home and enjoy being by myself and doing things I want to do, obviously go out occasionally when its sunny or do things with my brother or mom. I keep telling myself that I'm tired, I'm socially drained, I want to go home and all that nonsense. Anyways, this girl, my 1st cousin, these few days with her has been like I can be myself around her and she listens to me, she doesn't judge me, she lets me smoke weed around her, like a really chill girl. Recently we've been texting that we should be more than friends and to make lifestyle choices, changes in routines go outside more, etc. She agrees that she has feelings for me as well and that we shouldn't worry to rush things cause there is so much time and she just arrived in Canada. Now the last time I saw my cousin was when she was maybe 3 or 4 years old so this is the actually first time in person that we've been getting to know each other and what kinda personality and impression she has. She is the total opposite of me, as in she is very talkative and always wants to do what I wanna do or just be with me and be the energy and she can feel your vibe/aura. Then its me where I'm to myself, very quiet, just wanna finish work, wanna go home make music, smoke some weed, play some video games and watch some Netflix. I really don't know what to do, I need some help and I've never had feelings like this before in my life. I don't know her at all but she's my 1st cousin and we have feelings for each other already.
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