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  1. I figured as much. And I did invite him but financially I'm in a rough spot so it's not possible. And yes I'm not looking for anything romantic at the moment. Purely sexual.
  2. That's exactly what I was thinking of doing but I didn't wanna make it awkaward so I'm waiting for it to unfold some way. I don't know when I see him next. I'm just so confused and ready to just tell him so we both can do something about it (wink wink nudge nudge lol).
  3. Update: So tonight I shared a meme with him and it was BDSM related and it was a joke about how sensitive some girls can be yet they like rough relations during the diddly deed. He said, "Yeaaah unfortunately BDSM chicks be like that ya know?." And I was like "Woooow omg that hurts! I feel so called out LOL!" And so we bantered back and forth for a few minutes about it.. We're a bit more open now in regards to sexual topics (sexual jokes and some very vague details on our sex lives)... Should I bring it up soon that I'm interested in him sexually? Or should I hold back a little longer.
  4. Hey Pooch! I'm really not sure if I want a romantic relationship with him but a sexual relationship is definitely desired. The problem is I don't know if I should just outright confess my sexual feelings for him or keep it to myself and see what happens. So far here's what's been going on... He'll talk to me like every other day and we send memes back and forth between each other. We have casual conversation almost every other day to 4 days apart max. Just recently, he got into a new hobby of collecting old guns (I really am fascinated with old weaponry so this was neat for me to see that he'd bought and collected guns from 1800 and such) and he offered to teach me about them when he has fired them. I can't help but feel like maybe I need to tell him because if I don't it'll make the relationship unbearable and sucky yet I think that maybe if I say something it'll destroy my relationship I have with him. I want him so bad. I feel we're fairly close and friendly. I confide in him and he listens and offers advice and he's generally very open about a lot of things. I think about him almost every day although I try not too and keep myself busy with other activities like exercise so I keep myself realistic and grounded and I don't keep fantasizing over him. Rejection is a very real thing and I understand what might happen if I let him know what's up with me.
  5. I'm really attracted to him. I hope he starts showing interest. But even if he doesn't, I'll still talk to him regardless. I just dunno.... He makes it really confusing for me to figure him out sometimes. Like overall, I >>STILL<< can't tell what his general feelings might be about me with the given description. Like I don't even know what it seems like anymore on either perspective.
  6. I understand which is why I listed this content as NSFW. But thanks for the heads up. Edit: I modified my posting and the wording I used. Hopefully this is more PG-13.
  7. He's divorced with a daughter. He He tends to be a bit on the stuck up side and will restrict some conversation but overall he makes jokes and sends memes about very suggestive body parts which makes things extremely difficult for me because obviously... But yeah, we're pretty close and I've even offered to pay for us to go out to lunch together and he's accepted my offer. But it never happened due to some unforeseen circumstances.
  8. *Some details have been altered for anonymity*** Now, I won't give out my name but call me Danielle (21, F). My cousin will be called Martin (36, M). I met my cousin Martin at a family get together a year ago. I didn't really know him or what he looked like. We generally only ever talked via Hangouts. When I saw what he looked like, I was immediately smitten and aroused but had really no clue that that was my cousin. I was sitting there thinking all kinds of naughty things I'd do to him as we talked over a drink. And then my other cousin walks up and says, "Glad to see you finally met your other cousin! He's only saw ya once as a baby!" My heart dropped and I immediately started feeling guilty. A few days later, I emailed him and I didn't exactly say I was physically attracted to him but I did make it known that I thought he was very good looking and that I'm sorry. He said it was fine and we had a good looking family anyway so it's a compliment. Over the next few weeks I had built such an insane and intense physical attraction. We continue to messaged each other on Hangouts despite my confession. There was this guy I was having relations with casually every other day or week at that point which took the edge off of the carnal desire I was feeling. By accident, I sent him a rather explicit picture and he asked me to please not do this again. He then asked why I was sending pics like that and I couldn't bring myself to tell him so I said " Feelings". We didn't quite talk much after that but then we continued after he visited several months later. He wouldn't hug me like he did the other members of my household. He only waved and smiled at me and I could feel the tension from across the room. Sexual or not, I've no clue. Probably grossed out. Then another few months went by and I was still seeing my relations partner. Martin and I were engaging in casual conversation when I brought up I might not be on much longer because I was having a friend over. He then said "What kind of friend?" It made me feel very excited. He's a manly man and his voice is rather authoritative and harsh which I really really like a lot. I said "What other kinds of friends exist? It's just a regular friend, silly!" He then got a bit more questioning and said, "Don't play dumb with me, you know I'm smarter than that." Holy cow! I then just told him it was a makeout buddy and nothing serious. The conversation then went to normal. From then on it's been kind of hard not to imagine myself with him in a physical way. He makes very suggestive jokes which kind of makes things harder on me. I guess what I'm asking is... What should I even do? Should I avoid him? Should I even talk to him anymore? Should I even discuss these feelings with him at all?
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