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  1. hey everybody it's been a hot minute since i was on here but i had a question to ask and an update to begin is there anything in the bible that any says cousins in our degree can't marry? i keep reading and it doesn't say but list certain family members who you can't be with. Any advice? any and all is greatly appreciated. this is for 2nd and 3rd cousins Also me and my love are about to celebrate our first year of being together. most of it has been secret but we have made it here and hope to go farther and get married one day despite the oppisotion we will eventually
  2. so yesterday my family went out to eat after a busy day. well anyhow while eating my younger sister who is 14 brought up the subject of her being hit on by a classmate. So this sparked a whole conversation about dating. I was sitting there being quiet , eating and thinking about some things ( Including my boyfriend who happens to be my 3rd cousin down the line) Well recently we had (not because i really wanted to) gone to a family reunion that only had my great uncles family and no one else. While in the middle of this conversation my stepdad said that i fall in love with anybody who looks at
  3. Hey ya'll its been a while but i was curios on how the military views 3rd cousin marriage? like it is not allowed or do they even go that far into it? My Bf is in the military and we've been discussing marriage down the line if we work out in the end. Were not saying we want to get married ASAP like some military couples do. But what does the military do besid's know they are your spouse? Thanks for and feedback
  4. Hi pooch! thank you for responding, I've had had this thing with my love since january and he is my first actual realtionship. He means so much to me. He is kind , funny, caring , brave I could go on all day about him.
  5. So they other day i got into an argument with my parents about "when they knew i was with my love (3rd or 4th cousin)" They don't we are still together. They basically said they would have me thrown into an institution for mental help if i did try to be with him and they would shun me. Granted Im 19 and fixing to move out to go to college. My love is in basic training and will be until july. He plans to see me during the time im in school but i'll have to hide it from my parents even though i'll be out on my own making my own decisions. They brought up biblical references and i know that wher
  6. Im dating my 2nd cousin once removed is it okay to call him my 3rd cousin and so on?
  7. we are both 18 but i am 2 months older than him
  8. So i'm deeply in love with a cousin and im very confused on what type of cousin he may be all i know is that we are related through the same great garndparents for me and for him great great grandparents. So i need help trying to figure it all out. I've been calling him my 4th cousin but i could be wrong (i don't want to be, but its still very confusing) so i'll start with this: My great grandparents had 11 childern which to him are his great great grandparents. One of the 11 children was my grandfather and one was his great grandmother (who was older than my grandfather) my gr
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