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  1. Ha, well I am forced to take it slow anyhow, seeing as I have few methods of contacting her. I manage though. The reality is that no communication exists except through my letters and the occasional phone call. She is deprived of having a phone by her parents, and has no personal computer for email. I can talk to her only by calling her brother, which is awkward. I believe my letters are quaint and polite. Though you might be thinking of love letters, these letters are actually just myself addressing ideas and asking questions. But I value honesty, and withholding information seems wrong. Sure she might not be ready for it, but on the other hand she might go on thinking I don't feel for her in that way and thus won't express herself to me. So far I've been gradually introducing the idea to her, through subtle remarks about her in the text of the letters. I totally want kids. I actually find this trait very appealing. I want to be a bio-robotic engineer, specializing in advanced prostheses. I am currently attending a community college, majoring in Computer Programming, but intend to move on to a larger university and majoring in Bio-molecular engineering there. I have been trying to transfer into the Georgia Institute of Technology but they keep declining my application even though my grades and test scores are great. My next try is for the United States Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs, Colorado. I work part time (27-30 hours/week) as a line cook at a Red Lobster.
  2. I appreciate the smiley face! As for her personality, she is industrious in work-ethic, caring, enjoys good company, vivacious, holds on to her childhood love of Unicorns (it gets me every time), she is malleable to whatever environment she lives in (capable of dealing with whatever comes her way fairly well), loves the outdoors (as well as the indoors), loves stories (fiction and non-fiction), and seems to enjoy when I spout off random information I've collected (most people just tend to ignore me). She seems to prefer honesty to both loyalty and charity, which is big for me. She also likes tabletop games which is fantastic! And the physical interaction is a plus. As for her motivations, she doesn't want to be a world-traveler (though she would like to go places), she doesn't care about being rich or famous (though she would be fine with having money enough to be financially secure and to enjoy life), and she wants to pursue an intellectual pathway (nursing and possibly doctoring). She also wants to have a family. I am not sure what "average" was for his generation, seeing as "Average" nowadays is around 2. He does have 4 siblings, totaling 5 altogether. 2 brothers and 3 sisters. The family also pseudo-adopted another girl who was raised with them.
  3. Thanks for the replies! I agree that perhaps I should put a lid on the psychological problems, but I'm just the kind of person who over-analyzes everything. I didn't mean to garnish any pity, I rather was merely suggesting that this might have led me to this belief. And as far as believing she likes me, I am almost certain she does. I understand the idea that she may just feel comfortable and safe around me, but this is some physical interaction way beyond what I've ever seen from her, let alone anyone in my family. She doesn't even do this to her own father, who I would presume she would feel the safest around. Though I am nearly certain she likes me, I just wanted your opinion since my experience was short-lived and new to me - and I appreciate the response. As for lust, of course I am attracted to her (though I don't believe those two ideas are one and the same). She has pretty brown eyes and the most unique curly black hair I've seen. I don't want to get into detail about anything else I appreciate since its unnecessary. I can say that I was (and am) sexually attracted to her. But her character is most definitely not secondary - personality and motivations mean far more to me than physical beauty ever would. This goes back to the big sack of motherhood I carry around I am attracted to her - there, you have it! And as far as the clarification, Yes our dads our siblings and we have the same surname, is there any problem with this? Or were you just curious? And though its slightly besides the point, I intend to legally change my name to Richard Montycellian Fox next year, so our surnames would technically be different (though it changes nothing but the coat of paint). *Edit: Our surnames are actually already different, mine being Westerfield-Andrews (on by birth certificate) and hers being Andrews. Just a curio.*
  4. Yes the text is long, but I wanted to give at least some insight into my situation. Though I was in Colorado for 5 days, the situation described takes up the final 2 days. And to answer your question - I have never ever been in a serious relationship, let alone a relationship at all. I am an extremely particular mind and though I've had crushes and been sexually intrigued by women, I have never felt this odd happiness before.
  5. During my preteen years (Currently 19, turning 20 in August) I would occasionally see my single Uncle's children during school breaks. I generally thought they were annoying and bratty (though I likely was the same), and often ignored them and played with my Aunt's children. Only this past week, my Uncle's eldest son had his graduation. I went up to Colorado for his graduation and we had a wail of a time. We went to sports games, went on hikes, played in children's parks, etc. I was the happiest I've ever been, but not specifically for these reasons. I don't know the exact moment it started, but I remember my female cousin (16 turning 17) told me that I wasn't as mean as I used to be. At that moment she was still just my cousin to me, albeit more interesting than last we met. But then something changed. She started resting her head on my legs when we watched films in our bean bags. She started hanging around me over her own honorary sister and our shared cousins. After the baseball game (Orioles vs Rockies - my first game), she hung her arm around me, suggesting she was following the buddy system - that if she got lost in the crowd she would want to be with someone who had a phone. Understandable, and somewhat fitting with her odd personality, except she continued doing this for the next hour and a half, even after the crowds were gone. She didn't stop until we got to our separate vehicles. And during the time, I accidently grabbed her hand, and she just smiled at me. Later that night she went back to laying on my legs, and I am near certain she was doing it intentionally (reasons too complicated for me to explain at the moment). As opposed to the past, everytime her brothers made fun of me she defended me. As we went to sleep I stared her in the eyes for longer than any person would consider normal and yet she made no remarks. It was that night, the night before I left, that I felt something for her. The next morning I hugged her before I set off to drive back down to Fort Worth, TX (I live in Georgia btw), where I have been spending time with my other cousins and my grandparents. It was probably the most meaningful hug I have ever given, and she also seemed sad I was leaving. My first problem is a psychological one: Do I actually like her or am I just feeling this way because she has filled a vacant position my birth mother left open? My birth mother was a loon and my dad got full custody of me at two years old. I have never known my mother, but I have suffered from never having that motherly, comforting person in my life. Second question - does it matter if the secondary position is true? Can I not love someone for filling a position left by another? Perhaps this would be a stronger bond altogether (at least from my perspective). My second problem is this: Does she like me? Perhaps I am hyperbolizing her actions and rhetoric because I want it to be true. Perhaps she is just of an odd character. Though I've never seen her be so physical with anyone, I am also rarely around her. I would talk to her and try to weasel this information out of her, but her stepmother has banned her cellphone use except during band performances (her stepmother is somewhat strict), and I didn't want to tell her my email as it might seem weird to the other family members at the farewell. Besides, she doesn't have her own PC. I want to be able to ascertain her feelings, and if she is also in agreement, to build and strengthen our relationship. As for sexual intrigue, I know that lust is not why I am interested in her. Though she is pretty, she does not meet my standards for sexy. It is her character (or perhaps the one I superimposed) that I am interested in. My last problem: If we attempt to get together, to build a relationship, what do I do to appease our family? My grandparents (I only have one known set due to having no mother) might be okay with it, my Grandfather likely more so than my Grandmother, being from North Carolina originally, but my greater concern is my father, his brother (her father), her stepmother, and my closest cousins. They are very modern people, with complex yet baseless ideas about marriage. Knowing them, I feel that they all will see such a relationship as incestual. Not to mention that my dad and his brother, though not enemies, are not great allies either. I can live with my grandparents not liking the relationship, for they will submit nonetheless to family, but I love my father and would like to be around for my half-sister, and she loves her father and even her stepmother. If they disagreed, which is likely, then it would be the end. *Edit - removed useless background information* I understand that you guys don't know her or I so you're not wholly capable of giving factual answers, but I just needed to get this off of my shoulders. Perhaps you could just give your opinion on the problems I bring to the table...
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