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  1. Thanks you so much! I would love to calm down and wait, but it’s just that I really think I have something for her, like really do. I’m really sure that I like her more than I’ve liked anyone before. I literally chant her name every night, I go to sleep with pictures of her at my side, talk to her in my mind all through the day, and since we’ve met, there hasn’t been 1 second of 1 day that I haven’t thought of her. No joke. I think I might just play it cool for now, but maybe try, at least try to somehow subliminally show her i have feelings for her. I write poems, and songs etc. I can show her through those maybe. She always compliments them and says they’re beautiful. I’m definitely gonna try my best to get closer to her, I’ll never allow myself to lose her. Sorry, haha I just realllyyyy like her (most likely love her) and I soo want this. But I won’t go in too fast, as you stated. I look forward to more advice lol! You guys on CC are really helpful and insightful to this stuff. I love the fact that there’s an entire community of more people like me. I love you all. ❤️
  2. Thanks for responding, I really appreciate it. I do want to tell her, I really do. But I think my parents might be against that, and maybe her parents. And she’ll probably get scared and tell them something. I don’t know, it feels like I definitely do love her, but I think I’d feel better if she remains just my cousin my entire life than probably shut me out of her life because she might get upset if I do tell her and she really doesn’t like me. Trust me, I really do think that telling her I love her is a very good idea, it’s just that I don’t how she’ll react if she doesn’t think of me the same way. I mean, it’s not like she can just say some random guy tried to flirt with her, it’s her second cousin, and yeah, while I acknowledge the fact that second cousins are practically unrelated, our families most likely won’t treat it that way. And that’d be so much embarrassment for the both of us. If she does think of me the same way though, and we start an intimate relationship, I have no problem telling our parents. But if they hear that at 14 years old, I tried to flirt with my second cousin, well to be honest, I do t quite know what they’ll do. Her parents by the way, are Muslim, and traditional Muslims actually married their cousins, so their is a chance that they’re accepting of it. But I really do feel trapped. You really think I should just go for it?
  3. Beccasch, I really just need to say this. That was beautiful. You and Charles’ story, I love it. I’m facing the same problem, if you care to read it, maybe you’d be able to help, just a little bit. You don’t have to, either way, I hope you and Charles have a bright future and become an inspiration for all like us out there. And to Zachary, She is more than right. I think you should go for it, I don’t have much romantic experience, but I think you have a chance.
  4. Hi. So, I’m currently 14, and so is my second cousin. (who I’ve known only less than a year now) Now, I know I seem somewhat juvenile for this type of this discussion, but I’m in dire need of help. See, the thing is, nowadays, it’s pretty clear that kids as young as 12 have relationships. Most of the time, they don’t last, it’s obvious, but I have feelings for my second cousin that I’m certain I’ve had for nobody before, nor do I think I can have them for anyone else. She’s beautiful. But that wasn’t the first thing I noticed. We met at an amusement park, when our parents introduced us to each other no less than a year ago. What I noticed first about her was that she seemed bothered. Worried, distressed, and I immediately felt the same way—at least the way that she looked. Now, she lives in the US. I’m US born, but I temporarily live in another country until about 11th grade. Consider it what you may, a “long distance relationship” or whatever, but this makes me even more distressed. See, this was the day after they’d come from America. They did a lot that day, and maybe, just maybe she was simply exhausted from all the activities they did. A few days after, they were still here, we met again. She looked the same way through their stay here. She constantly has this look of ponder. This daydreaming sort of physical characteristic. But it doesn’t bother me at all. For all I’m concerned, if something is going with her, I’d stand up for her and protect her from whatever is to happen. So, as I said it’s only a little less than a year we know each other now. We went to their house in Fl for a few days in December though, I learnt that we’re actually pretty close. Yet, I fear it could be that she only treats me this way because she thinks of me as simply her “cousin” don’t get me wrong, there’s nothing bad about that, it’s just that she might not really feel as a feel for her because of this. I see her as a stranger. A stranger who’s simply disguised as a “second cousin”. This seems to me to be a challenge put in place by fate to exercise my heart in hopes of seeing how strong - willed I really am. Know you must, she’s my only second cousin, who’s my age. Well, frankly she’s my only cousin in general, who is my age. First and second cousins alike. Cousins are supposed to feel like a distant sibling, there to give advice, moral support, empathy, but she doesn’t only do that. We’ve known each other for a measly 9 months yet, I feel like I can tell her anything. Well, at least almost, everything. I feel as though, if I were to say anything to her about how I feel, our extremely short-lived relationship would come crashing down. Like an ancient stone abode built by hand, but after centuries of love, war, death and well, age. That’s right, I’m comparing a 9-month old relationship with my second cousin to basically any structure in what was the magnificent Pompeii. I’m 14. That’s what I do. Dramatize holy crapoly!. To extend on that point I made, about her looking somewhat, distraught or maybe distracted by something, god forbid someone, well, my first instinct was to help. I wanted to help her. Hold her. Console her. She always has this look, and I love it. I think I understand now, that it’s most likely the way she acts. It’s an unconscious habit for her. It doesn’t turn me off in the least. Her entire persona, by the way, hand in hand blends with mine. We’ve texted nearly every second of every day since that last time we met, when I was on Christmas break, at their house in Fl. I didn’t get to hold her, yet every time we say goodbye to each other, she hugs me. SHE hugs ME. I don’t even offer a hug, reason being, if I do, chances are, I’m gonna ask her to marry me. Her hugs feel amazing, yet, totally off-putting. What if it’s because she likes me too? Yay...? Then again, we live like 8,000 miles apart, and when either of us goes away, we go away. For like a couple months. So it’s likely, the hugging could be just a friendly gesture of saying goodbye. Which, without a doubt, sucks. So we text a lot. We hang out a lot. How do I approach her? ( if I should) See, I’m a afraid she could find a relationship with someone else soon, if I don’t act fast. While she’s single, while she’s young, I want to tell her how I feel. I wish to have my first kiss with her. On sexual terms, maybe even lose our virginities to one another. I want to spend the rest of my life with her. Please, help. I need someone to talk to about this.
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