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  1. Thanks you so much! I would love to calm down and wait, but it’s just that I really think I have something for her, like really do. I’m really sure that I like her more than I’ve liked anyone before. I literally chant her name every night, I go to sleep with pictures of her at my side, talk to her in my mind all through the day, and since we’ve met, there hasn’t been 1 second of 1 day that I haven’t thought of her. No joke. I think I might just play it cool for now, but maybe try, at least try to somehow subliminally show her i have feelings for her. I write poems, and songs etc.
  2. Thanks for responding, I really appreciate it. I do want to tell her, I really do. But I think my parents might be against that, and maybe her parents. And she’ll probably get scared and tell them something. I don’t know, it feels like I definitely do love her, but I think I’d feel better if she remains just my cousin my entire life than probably shut me out of her life because she might get upset if I do tell her and she really doesn’t like me. Trust me, I really do think that telling her I love her is a very good idea, it’s just that I don’t how she’ll react if she doesn’t think of
  3. Beccasch, I really just need to say this. That was beautiful. You and Charles’ story, I love it. I’m facing the same problem, if you care to read it, maybe you’d be able to help, just a little bit. You don’t have to, either way, I hope you and Charles have a bright future and become an inspiration for all like us out there. And to Zachary, She is more than right. I think you should go for it, I don’t have much romantic experience, but I think you have a chance.
  4. Hi. So, I’m currently 14, and so is my second cousin. (who I’ve known only less than a year now) Now, I know I seem somewhat juvenile for this type of this discussion, but I’m in dire need of help. See, the thing is, nowadays, it’s pretty clear that kids as young as 12 have relationships. Most of the time, they don’t last, it’s obvious, but I have feelings for my second cousin that I’m certain I’ve had for nobody before, nor do I think I can have them for anyone else. She’s beautiful. But that wasn’t the first thing I noticed. We met at an amusement park, when our parents introduced us to each
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