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  1. Ambra there was no condescending at all. In fact this site has been really helpful to me aside for the two comments from you that served only to criticise and provide no genuine aid in achieving the quality posts you so clearly care about. There is a certain element of working through things to be here in the first place. Certainly no back peddling in fact I’m happy to step up to tell you that you are rude, arrogant and your interpretation seem like a reflections of your own bullying behaviour. Thanks for nothing tough guy ?
  2. Obviously this has been a confusing post with a dramatic title. The title intended be to both humorous and expressive. I don’t think it has anything to do with me being married other than to demonstrate the magnitude of the attraction. I’m not sure why it is coming back to that unless we are looking at why we aren’t together now which wasn’t my point but correct, we were both with other people. My apologies for being unclear. I can’t definitively tell you what happened here for me but is seems the fact this man was my cousin and there’s no evidence in the existence of past lives, horosco
  3. Yeah we weren’t in the USA and 2nd cousins so being related is less of an issue also something we would have been able to work passed although initially it was a bit confronting for me. Our families would have been ok eventually and we would have had each other so I wouldn’t have worried if someone had an issue. Yes the infidelity was the bigger of the issues and all that goes with that. The thing is there are many people you are compatible with in life. It’s all about the decision you make, the commitments you already have and all those important things. That’s normal controllable and p
  4. That’s a shame but thanks for the feedback Ambra Flows. I’m not sure what else would’ve been helpful honestly as there was quite a lot I could share. If you have any questions I’m happy to answer them.
  5. To the unfortunate souls who fall in love with their cousins, This is a cautionary tale that I hope helps demonstrate what happens when you don’t listen. I came to this site a few years ago looking for some information after a strange meeting with a cousin I hadn’t meet until adulthood. It was just like all the other stories about needing to be near each other and an immediate affinity, etc It was early days and all a bit overwhelming, so I looked at a few posts and made the decision that they seemed a bit extreme and I just need to stop being stupid. A big mistake. On
  6. It’s a tricky one Asteriia, I think when you are younger stuff is already very intense and confusing before you add in something like this. You both have a long way to go in life and there is a risk a mistake now could make things hard for you both and for your family. A strong friendship is also a special thing to share with someone and a good foundation for the future if that is still what you feel is right down the track. It’s hard to imagine how much time you have when you are young but you have lots. Also if it’s the law where you are you should follow that for now even if you don’t
  7. That is beautiful. good idea posting it here in this safe space. it will eventually get easier but it could be some time away. I found it helpful to pick a time of the day I let myself think about it and feel all the emotions for about half an hr then put it away until the next day. it might help you take some control of something so all consuming and painful. In time the time I needed to grieve it shortened and became less frequent.
  8. Oh no. That’s so terrible ? that your family don’t like the idea. I guess if you have never experienced something like this it’s initially a little shocking fr people. Are you in the USA?
  9. You did the right thing. Sounds like he is acting impulsively as a reaction to the end of his last relationship. Always better to wait long, than marry wrong. he will see this in time and forget about it eventually.
  10. I think you fellas might be being a bit harsh here. Obviously there is additional risk in this kind of relationship at the onset that makes people unsure so all you need to add to that is a fairly moderate level of female insecurity and it gets hard to see the forest for the trees for most men. It’s not easy to put yourself out there like that and without being able to see a persons response it’s even harder. I’m imagining you are getting these declarations in emails and in a different time zone so by the time you read it, work through your own stuff and are ready to respond she’s panicked and
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