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  1. Pooch, I really rejected him, and after a long conversation he gave up and agreed to pretend that nothing happened and i was relieved. But now he's bringing it again... and i don't have a boyfriend and he knows this.
  2. Last week, my cousin texted me by messenger and said: "there is something i have always thought about, what about we get married, take you time and answer me and if you don't agree let's pretend that i didn't tell you anyhing", i was shocked, in fact not really, because mom told me last year about something like this, that he has always wanted me since we were little, but i have always seen him like a big brother nothing more nothing less! he is 4 years older than me, and i have never seen any sign or something, we are not close too, we meet sometimes when i visit my aunt, that's all. I answered him and apologize, said to him that i love him like a brother and that he is still young, that he will meet many girls in his life, he will surely meet the right one and marry her. but he insisted that i should think about it and don't rush. i feel terrible and i can't stop think about this matter, although i told him my last decision and let's pretend nothing happened and he said: "like you want i will not force you", he's texting me again... i don't think he loves me at all, like i said he has never approched me... he said that he has always liked me but he was shy, and he will never find someone better than me and i will not find someone better than him, that the world is terrible and it's hard to meet someone you can trust and love, i tried to persuade him that he should not lose hope and he will definetely find the right one . i heard that he was in a relationship with a girl and they were even willing to be engaged, but she was a player. i think that he lost trust in every woman and thought about me because i'm nice and innocent ... i don't know why i feel guilty about rejecting him, i think i hurted his feelings, and i don't want to ruin our relationship, we're gonna be very awkward when we meet next time. i can't even give it a little chance because i don't love him, i can't imagine spending my life with him, share the same house ... it's terrifying, this is not a joke, it's about our future, about starting a family and if something bad happened, it will ruin our family because i really cherish my aunt. what should i say to him? how can i make him stop talking about this ?
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