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  1. Yeah it really hurts me to see the comments on social media
  2. According to Wiki they accept out of state marriages but who knows for sure.
  3. Are you married in another state? Just curious. Im in TX too but we married before the law changed.
  4. Sorry i wish i could help. Not many people are responding lately either. :(
  5. Reading online predating 2018 most articles are positive saying little risks for cousins Now 2019 all you see is genetics risks are high. About how we are ruining genetics for our children. Im so confused! Why all the sudden evrything i read is bad? Im having serious anxiety over this. Also is Alan bitles and other genetic researchers for or against cousin marriage?! Its not clear at all.
  6. Hey Fractured! Im curious...do your kids know youre cousins? How long have you been married?
  7. Would love to hear a short love story or sucess story in each one!
  8. Hows everyone been feeling lately?
  9. Sounds like yall have a connection! Would like to see how this ends up. Love story in the making
  10. Yabby also a half cousin marriage here
  11. I thought you could marry in another state?
  12. LadyC sorry its been so long. I usually only come here (well actually sign in anywayss) when im feeling down and like the world and my community would hate me if they knew about my relationship. I feel better after remembering im not alone. Anyways I wont post a link but if you google dr.phil peddles lies the article will come up.
  13. You are so right. He could have choosen to handle it properly instead of pushing his iwn agenda! Are we allowed to post links here?
  14. I was extemely unhappy with Dr.Phil. Long time fan here that no longer watches. In fact I make sure to put it on regular daytime tv to give someone else ratings lol. I feel like he has forgotten his purpose. Now its just about putting people down to get ratings instead of building people up and helping them. I dont think people go into coucling to tear people down. Really sad and it isnt just this couple. She was very manipulative with her wording and numbers. Also he had none of her family on there that accept them just the bitter lady who clearly always has to be right. Oh I wosh he had a genetic specialist on there to shut her arse down. Hopefully people are smart enough to do their own research. Yes using google because thats how we resesrch things these days!
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