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  1. I am certainly not opposed to that! And by cry i mean i have had pinned up frustration for a while and your words helped a girl out!
  2. You have me crying. Those words really resonate with me. You probably dont understand how much i needed some sound advice. Thank you so much. I live in North East Texas!
  3. His kids are ok with it and our 2 are younger and havent said anything. 7 and 12. We are half first cousin also in texas but married way before the law. Anyone I have told says oh its only half so its no big deal. I havent had anyine say anything negative to me but i cant get past it mentally lately. And seeing all the comments on videos bothers me. That only human video has everyone saying it should be illegal and thinking its so dangerous to have kids when its not. Im glad its easy for yall! Which part of texas? North, south, east? Thanks for the reply
  4. How do yall get past it? How have your kids handled it?
  5. Its very hard to accept your feelings. We are told our whole lives its wrong. Its kinda life changing. Ive lived in fear and anxiety of people finding out and it destroying our lives. What was her random message? Has she responded to your message at all?
  6. Also are they giving you any options to get your kids back?
  7. Where do you live?! Thats horrible :(
  8. 6 yrs is a long time to not have gotten married. Whats up with that?
  9. Sidelines unless the 6 yr relationship fails.
  10. Its almost as if you all tell your ppl to be really nice to them. Make them comfortable and think we have their backs. Then you flip the script when theyre in front of the cameras and theres nothing they can do.
  11. Dr.Phil had an episode years ago where a couple were 2nd cousins. He told the sister then it wasnt a big deal. He must have got some back lash for it because he blindsided and bashed the newest couple, calling them child abusers! I trusted Dr.Phil to give good advice and he chose to appease for ratings. It was torally ine sided. I would NEVER trust the media or a tv show. I hope your show doesnt air tbh because im so sick of the rude remarks from uneducated people and im sure that would make it even worse. You probably would pick worst case and have them on your show. If you truly want to mak
  12. Who is Stossel? I really struggled after the Dr.Phil episode and the comments made towards them. So much ignorance on the subject of cousin couples
  13. You forgot ramen
  14. Im sorry to hear that. Glad she had you. Prayers!
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