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    That sounds just awful that people today can voice such hostile negativity. I would say "Just ignore it" but I can imagine that after a while, and after the consistency of that kind of negativity; it just gets you down. So understandably you are struggling lately; I think you've done the right thing by firstly talking about it; that helps; and just to let you know that you are not alone. When life gets me down, or people for that matter, I try to focus on the things that really matter to me; I find that helps too Kinda puts things into perspective. So yeah....talk about it...and focus on whats important to you in life; and if possible; cut the haters loose from your life.
  2. Wow Louisa thank you for sharing, I was browsing this site and I read your story; it was heartbreaking. I just had to sign up and give you some support and say thank you and good on you for sharing It's unfortunate, and I see this a lot these days online, people work up the courage and share something close to their hearts and then the wolves come in to tear that person apart. I just want to say that your story had me in tears and I feel sorry that after sharing you've been forced to defend yourself. It's just plain wrong *Hugs*. Don't pay any attention to them; they've clearly got nothing better to do than pick at people when they are vulnerable and kick them when they're down.
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