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  1. Breakup is referred to as a termination of a relationship. Even if you're the partner to orchestrate a break up, it can still be really awful. Not only have you now got to adjust your life accordingly but chances are some pretty rubbish things happened in the run up to the end of your relationship. Break up conversations can get nasty, and are usually utterly emotionally exhausting. Hi, I am from canada, BC. I want to share my experience here. I am in a relationship from the last four years with someone else. relations are going very well and we both are so happy suddenly last year he was ignoring me and be loudly on little things. I was confused about why is happening like that. I am scared about our relationship. and one day I caught him with another guy. I could not sleep or eat for weeks or days. I want her back. but the mind was not working properly. I can't understand what I can do or not?? then I heard about lovelearnings. here I got the best guidance regarding what I can do or not. here provide me a step-by-step solution to the common problems between our relationships, and other common issues which have created a problem. here great ideas available to overcome any dreaded relationships
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