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  1. Hi! I am sort of relieved I found this forum .. a little back story on this: I am 20, I knew this guy since high school .. I used to never give him the time of day! Recently, we started a relationship. We have been "seeing" eachother since May. Have you ever found someone that felt like your "person"? He is exactly that. We have such a great bond. We really hit it off and of course, ended up sleeping together a few times. We even have made plans for our future, we like eachother that much — the feelings are truly real. He went on this trip with his father and aunts and on that trip, he found out that we were actually related! Come to find out, my great aunt is the cousin to his father. Small world, huh? So when we both found out we were emotional, saying how things aren't quite right and we wish we weren't related. I do believe we are distant cousins. Last night, we were talking about how we would run away together and such. Neither of us said it's wrong at all - yet. He told me he can't help that he likes me. We plan to hang out today, and I really do not want us to not be together. It seems like we really like eachother, we were friends before we started dating anyways. Advice? Should we try dating in secret for awhile? I believe half of the family knows this already, but by the time a year or so passes - nobody will related to us will even remember that we're cousins, sounds crazy but we are really that distant of cousins I believe. ( our family is big ). The main people who will know is our parents, and the few relatives he discussed with. And his very close friend whom he told. What should I do?
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