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  1. I havent really got a timeline. Like I say I dont want to rush things and I'll still be here for her no matter what happens. I just need to know whether I'm chasing a lost cause or not that's all. I dont think she will ever sort her head out cause shes the type of girl that holds everything in and tries to do it all alone, until the moment she can't hold it in any more. I think for me right now my main concern is making sure she doesn't let her ex control her life still. If I can help with this and show her that hes not her boss anymore then it'll be a start. Any kind of relationshi
  2. The baggage's etc dont bother me one bit. I've had just as a bad past as her, so I know where shes coming from. I can deal with baggages without a problem. She definitely doesnt want to be with her ex anymore i know that for a fact, so that's not a problem. It's just him trying to stop her from moving on even though he already has! He doesnt bother me cause I can deal with him if it comes to it. I guess your right though ? shes going to her dads tomorrow for a couple of days, I guess we will see what happens after. I'll just take each day as it comes now. But I've took your advise an
  3. Yeah I have done I leave her to contact me when she wants to now. Maybe your right I dont know anymore. Like I say I just want her to be happy whether that's with me or not. I just want her to not be controlled by him anymore that's all. I've told her to go away to her dads for the week or weekend. Get away from here and clear her head. I guess we will see what happens ?‍♂️ Rob
  4. Hi ambra She came to mine last night and we finally was able to have a chat. Her biggest worry is getting hurt because that's all her ex ever did was hurt her. She says she needs to sort her head out and have a but of space. Which I understand and completely agree with. The thing she doewnt realise is she keeps making all these promises but doesnt stick to them and let's me down. I've told her to have the space, sort her head out and get back to me when shes decided what she wants. But I ain't waiting around forever as it hurts me just as much! I am not trying to rush he
  5. Also to add I've told her today that we need to talk in person. I'm just going to tell her straight that I need to know where I stand we are either seeing how things go or we are just friends. I dont want to lose her altogether. But she just keeps telling me to tell her what I want to say via text. I dont believe that's fair on either of us though as text can be misinterpreted. Because I refuse to say via text she now thinks I'm playing games. Am I wrong for wanting to speak in person? Or am I right?
  6. Hi pooch I understand what your saying. Yes in 1 sense I enjoyed being single and just being me for the 1st time since I was 16. But at the same time when my cousin came along we never planned any of this or even wanted it, it just happened. I mean she knows how to cheer me up when I'm in a mood, she knows my strengths and weaknesses just from a short time with each other. She literally makes me smile for no reason. I've never had this feeling before and I been in some relationships (longest 8years) she literally gives me butterflies just by walking in the room or smiling. I c
  7. Her ex is/was a bully. And he believes he can still control her! Everytime I speak to her about it she says he doesnt get a say anymore and she doesnt care what he thinks anymore etc. But the other night I was at hers and she got a text of him asking who the new bloke is shes seeing. And then started calling her a slag and hoe.. Shes afraid that he'll go round telling everyone and that people will give her a lot of crap for us being together. Everything was fine and great up until that text of him then all of a sudden she started going distant and cancelled coming to mine even though she
  8. Hi 1st of all how old is your cousin? Where are you from? Is she your 1st, 2nd or 3rd cousin etc.. cant give too many answer to your questions without the relevant information. But on the basis that she is also over 18 my advice would be to sit down and speak to her, tell her about your feelings and ask how she feels. Atleast that way u wont have to potentially wait for nothing or move on and miss the chance of what you wanted. But please for the love of God speak to her respectfully, take her for a coffee or food or something. Dont just text or ring her, do it face to
  9. Hi nat I've told her about this site already. She understands and agrees that's theres nothing wrong with it and that it's perfectly legal, but she's worried that friends and family may hate her or look at her differently. I just dont know what to do, we never planned for this is just happened and now we not talking as we were, I'm starting to realise I've fallen for her more than I thought. I know my parents and grand parents will be happy for me. I also believe her parents would be as well as they constantly drop hints to her and asking 'are you and rob going out' but they ha
  10. Hi all.. I've been sat for an hour reading all posts and stories etc and it's made me want to ask for help and advice.. I'm seeing my 3rd cousin. It all started as she split up with her bf and I wanted to be there for her to help her and make sure shes happy. But then eventually the feelings came for both of us and we started seeing each other nearly everyday. It was great and I've never felt so happy. I mean she just walks in and I instantly cant stop smiling! Everything she does makes me smile. From the way she talks to the ways she looks and the way she smiles with her dimples, mo
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