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  1. Thanks very much Romalee. Yes we were wondering if there would be an extended relatoinship such as them being brother and sister and since they are neices and nephews are they also cousins? Probably not. Anyway we'll continue with the research into the family. It is interesting and it involves some cool historical figures. It might even make a book I'll let you know what turns up. Mark
  2. Hello all. I'm helping an elderly lady in Lancashire, England, research her family history and she hoped to determine what secret was kept from her all her life. It turns out after a lot of very interesting investigation that her mother and father (both deceased) were first cousins and there seems to have been a lot more hidden history that we are still working on. They had a son and a daughter (the elderly lady). Since her and her brother's grandparents would also be their aunties and uncles and the children would be the grandparents' nieces and nephews, does this make them anything other than just brother and sister or are they just brother and sister? Thanks for any help. Mark.
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