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  1. 1 When the next time Moslem Fanatics kill and maim innocent people, our Govt will "hang out to dry" the remainder of the Moslem population as they have to innocent legal firearm owners, I think not.
  2. I was wondering what the music that plays in the dance scene of this short is?. Is it a popular piece of the time or just something unknown?. Whatever it is, it has a nice bop to it
  3. I still have a hard time texting on my Touch. Too many mistouches. I have been forcing myself to use the touch screen, but maybe its time to break out the qwerty board.
  4. I am glad we had a dual cooker when we came over. I bought it in France but there were 3 rings LPG, 1 ring was electric and so was the oven... Bon Chance
  5. If the candidate isd that religion or whats to be supported by a religion then so be it. I mean, its their canpaigne, if they wanna have a religious supporter then go right ahead i say.
  6. He probably got that idea from watching the made-for-tv movie, which paints Shemp in a horrible light. If you haven't seen it yet Baggie, don't.
  7. He should Hmm, I had never seen anything else except rings and amulets at Meizos. Are you sure he was supposed to sell some other stuff as well?
  8. lol is itbad that im too lazy to go through with my answers? just lets say im truely pretty kiwi going from those questions lol and yes im from new zealand, New Plymouth represent xoxo kaye
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