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  1. Plz answer me.....only INDIANS WILL UNDERSTAND AS MY ENGLISH IS NOT SO GOOD Hello... I am a 23 year old hindu boy , from northern part of india... and I like my cousin sister (23 year)... I am writing "like" becoz i am confused whether I love her or not. But she love me a lot... Deeply..... Since childhood...And wanted to marry me. These things I came to knew from her elder sister.....Then her sister asked me that what is all this?? We used to talk on phone on weekly basis from 4 or 5 year only AND we never make any physical relationship She is living in village and always busy with her household work....I want her to move from that place.... Join some classes.... Explore other things..... And may be she find someone better than me But I don't know how to tell these things to her. Sometimes I felt guilty also......that....why I not cleared the things before.........we never propose to each other... But from past 1 year I started doubting that something is going out of the way Also she has no idea that how much it's danger for the offspring as well as it's illegal Now what I do... Because I want her happiness only.... she is very nice girl as she used to support me in all my decision... That's why I didn't wanted to broke her heart.... I only want that she love someone else.... If she wouldn't be my first cousin then surely I will marrey her Now u guys tell what I do.... Should I have to marry her?? Or maybe she will understand with time
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