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  1. Oh thank you for making me feel better. Yeah it'd be hard but i can get over it and let her go, but the thing us that we are cousins and we often meet. And as i said after a week my family's going to stay at her home and now i have no idea how will i face her. And after posting this, i told her that i m sorry if it bothered you. She said "it'll make things kind of awkward but its fine i guess" and i said that thats why i had planned never to tell you about it Thanks again. It made me feel better ?
  2. Okay so i have feelings for my cousin. Shes 17 (about to turn 18 after 3 months) and i just turned 19. I felt that way for a long time but my feelings got pretty intense in the last few months so i planned to finally let her know about how i feel when she turns 18. But idk what happened to me and i just picked up my phone this night at 4 am lol and told her about how i feel. But she said that she doesn't feel that way and for the worse, she even said that she doesn't think it'll ever be possible. Getting this clear-cut reply obviously ended every hope in me. But the thing is, i always had a thought that she may have that feeling for me even if only in the smallest corner of her heart. Like when you interact with someone frequently, you sometimes get the idea about how they feel about you, or whatever. What do you think would be the reason? Personally after reading that she doesn't think it'll ever happen, i think she hates me or already likes someone else and thus she put the clear idea that she doesn't even want me to think it'll ever happen, which is worse than i ever expected. The problem right now is that my family's gonna meet hers after a week and we're gonna stay at their home for at least one night. Now i have no idea how i m gonna face her. Huhh now i realize that i shouldn't have told her, considering that we meet a lot and it'll make things really awkward now. I feel soo broken and terrible now. I wish i could control it just like i had been for a long time.. wish me luck ?
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