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  1. I’ve posted before about mine and my cousins relationship. We’ve had sex, a year ago. Nothing since. But I really think I’d have to make the first move and we aren’t alone long enough to do so. Here’s some of the behaviors he has around me. 1. He always asks me to go places with him. Doesn’t matter where it is. Like, he’s getting a job in west Texas and asked if I would go. He said we’d have to share a bed in the hotel room, if I was ok with that. 2. He talks about us running away to Mexico, just me and him & his son who is *age*. (I play the “mom” role heavily with his ****, that no one would ever know he wasn’t mine) 3. When no one of family is around he’s always hugging me, and staring at my arse. He got close to my face, barely an inch away like he was going to kiss me then changed his mind. 4. He stays in the bathroom while I shower sometimes, and always walks out with a towel on when he’s just out of the shower. 5. When I say we are inseparable, I mean I can’t even take a holy crapoly! without him in there with me. Everyone notices it and that makes me nervous. Like they all know something is going on,wouldn’t ever voice it, but still some comments they make are obvious..it makes me feel like I should leave him alone for awhile. 6. He tried to spank me with an extension cord. Told me to bend over. It was entirely too sexual for me, in front of his sister & her friend. (*under age*) it might not have been meant that way, for him, but for me it would have turned me on. 7. We “wrestle” ... I’m 25, he’s 24, we are too old to be wrestling, lol. But we do. He always initiates it by playfully punching my arm. 8. He looks at my pictures when I’m gone, he looked back about a hundred pictures and tagged himself in a photo. That’s all that’s happened so far. Should I make a move if we go to west Texas together? Alone in a hotel room?
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