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  1. Sorry for the major jump but, were having a seni-working relationship, we both tell everyone were single. But she's came too my house 6 times over every other weekend. I'm madly in love with her, and she said she loves me equally, and we've expressed our love a few times now. But where- at this point, both young... and within' two years we'll both have our adult careers started(what we currently believe) and are gonna rent a place together. We've really talked about it and I think I'm truly in love with this great woman. She has made me such a better person in general, with her I feel healthy
  2. I wish I saw this sooner, I enlisted Victoria's gay sister to bring up the idea that I could possibly have a crush on her. Long story short she knows and accepts it she said she loves me too but I don't know if it's the same way. Any tips I could get her to accept the idea of us a couple of any other helpful advise. This time I'll check before I tell my first cousin I'm in love with her... PS we're both 18, we talk everyday and everynight and send snaps saying how much we wish each other a wonderful sleep, she's also a hour away but coming to visit this Sunday. Big time freaking out.
  3. I'm in love with my cousin Victoria, and I wake up in the morning hoping I'll hear from her. And spend my nights worried if she's happy rn. We have humor, music, and so much more in common. But my biggest issue is, if I tell her how I would even bring it up. I don't want it to hurt or relationship because I know the pain would crush me. But she's family, I'm so confused and feel like I could crumble from these feelings. I need answers ?
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