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  1. Hi there, Thanks for your input and for sharing! We got married on 02/02/2020. We had 70 people attend the wedding, all friends and family who were supportive and happy for us! Now settling into newly married life So I really encourage you to pursue and fight for this special relationship if there are no obvious reasons that means it would be better not to go ahead... Sounds totally worth it! Perhaps start by telling a few people you trust and are close to and get them up to date. Those who you think might advocate for you. It’s a process for family and friends to get their heads
  2. Hi all, How neat to find this website and read all about other people's experiences with cousin romance! Gerrit (currently 25yrs) and I, (Sindi, currently 27yrs) have a long story to tell... His mum and my mum are sisters. It started many moons ago when my family immigrated to New Zealand and his family picked us up. When we met at the airport, Gerrit, (only 7yrs old then) claimed love at first sight with me. Apparently he was set from that day on; assured that I would be the girl he will marry. My family moved near to his family and we homeschooled together. I on the other hand
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