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  1. I feel u girl at less he is willing to go thru the struggle of people opinions. My cousin gets on my nerves and I’m about have his baby . girl in like 4wks. I wish I had what u have fo real when I have my baby I’m never being with him in that way again on god. my aunt in my mom knows About are secret but the rest of the family don’t in they will be so mad at me but good luck with everything
  2. 3 kids that’s Wonderful it’s been a Minute since I’ve been on here but I kept my baby girl and I did all the testing can’t wait to meet her thx for answering me back
  3. Hi aww I haven’t been on here in a long time but reading this I feel like crying I’m in school rite now for patient care tech I change my hours at work so life is crazy but I’m doing it for my 2 in my beautiful daughter on the way.. I kept my baby I don’t care about but nothing else but her. I’m trusting in god.my cousin is coming around he is scared in I understand. I told my aunt and it feel so good talking about it with someone.my aunt...I love her she said my cousin and I are 3rd cousins my grandmother and his grandmother are sister they share the same mother not father I didn’t know any o
  4. Your so lucky I love this story ? good for you guys I wish nothing but the best.
  5. Thank u I feel so alone this is so hard I’m so scared this is time I need my mom but I can’t tell her the truth she will be so upset with me..in she will kick my cousin out the house. We both are so scared I don’t what to do ??????
  6. Yes I did you didn’t have to come at me that way I already got a lot going on to be hearing somebody tell me to go back in erase something because of punctuation. that’s the way I talk in right now I don’t have time to go back to school incorrect my writing boo. I’m From the streets I never seen a website like this I never been pregnant by my cousin before we’ve been together 15 years off in on this This is crazy to me and him I don’t want your advice I’m just gonna go with God How I feel like I really want to block you because you didn’t give me no advice at all you told me to go back in and
  7. Girl off in on for about 15yrs but he got serious this time but I didn’t know we always see other people in the past but I miss him so much he said he about to start having sex other people I’m hurting inside I don’t what to do it’s all my fault.
  8. Girl we are in the same situation omg I’m 6wks pregnant by my cousin on my mom side and I’m keeping my baby me and my cousin been. Having sex off in on for about 15yrs in he wants me to get a abortion I’m going to get an ultrasound tomorrow in ask some question about this but thats kissy-face up how your cousin did u I’m so sorry I’m hear for u
  9. Ok well I’m 34 I do have two other children. I found Out i was pregnant on Tuesday the 27th. I had a period August 1 in it left the 4th on the 6th I slept with the other guy.but I went to the doctor on Thursday he said I’m about 6w I didn’t understand because I had a period the month of August.and he believes that I conceived the last week of July. The whole month of July me and my cousin was having sex like almost everyday. I’m getting an ultrasound on the 4th so I can know if i conceived in July are August.
  10. Well gosh darn excuse me u must be a teacher are something.lol it’s cool I’m pregnant like I said nothing like this ever happened to us I’m keeping my baby I just needed some advice u didn’t have to be so rude omg I’m already feeling made whoopie up thanks for your comments u lucky I’m in a good mood MF . now he is Open to it I’m not killing my baby when I wrote this I was nervous ?
  11. Because I am pregnant he is mad at me because I stepped out with someone else but The person I slept with just one time in we use a condom....but I been sleeping with my cuzing for like 7 months everyday I think this is his baby because we never use condoms...he doesn’t want the baby because of the fam in he thinks it might come out with all type of problems I’m so confused he told me he was done with last night in I ? but thin we slept together I’m so confused
  12. Me in my cousins just ended I’m really hurt but it’s my fault we will never be the same again ????
  13. I don’t no what to do I took a Pregnancy test yesterday I’m pregnant I told my cuzing who I been sleeping with off in on for about 15th years he was like your getting an abortion I told him I’m 34 yrs old what I look like getting an abortion but he so serious I can’t believe him but I get it I don’t want to get an abortion he saying that the baby would come out with a lot of problems but I told it’s not true.but he doesn’t want to listen to me. He live with me we sleep in the same bed together in everything we been doing this for yrs I’m so pissed I see my doc tomorrow I don’t no who else to
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