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  1. Omg I'm so sorry. I definitely understand those hurtful words and how bad it can sting to hear them. But again I'll speak from what I would do. He seems to just be honestly scared. Especially if you've guys are inlove and at one point really happy, these words are probably rooted and coming from fear of judgement! It's hard to accept having to understand why they put the family's judgment before our genuine love but it's a really scary feeling. They're afraid and nervous and I really think that causes them to act a certain way. I'm hoping that somehow you guys can rekindle and he comes to some kind of realization and acceptance. Because you guys deserve to be happy, you shouldn't sacrifice the strong feelings you have for eachother for the comfort of others. It's really not fair and I just wish I had more advice to give. But then again I'm still trying to keep things together in my own situation. I'm really hoping that things look up for you guys really soon. And again please feel free to message me, it would be nice to talk to someone dealing with similar issues☺️!
  2. Wow! Your situation is lot more complicated now that you there is a baby involved. I think that you should push the idea of you guys relocating If that is really a do-able option for the two of you. I can only speak from the perspective of what I would do: I would definitely sit down/contact him to discuss our options...especially with you being pregnant. It isnt just about you two as a couple it's also about him being a father to a child. So this is a serious situation and I really hope that you guys can figure something out! I would love to be able to talk more on a different forum sense we're kind of in the same predicament!
  3. Thank you so much for responding! I really do appreciate it. And yea I think a big talk is in the horizon for us!!
  4. Also were on and off lol. We're together as of right now, he expressed that he loved me ans also got me a few little thoughtful gifts for my birthday (something he doesn't usually do without me leading him to it lol) but I definitely feel the connection and it's making my heart warm. I just hope he sticks with this!
  5. Hey, I'm looking for advice also... but I would like to at least leave my opinion. I think you guys should maybe plan a date to just hang out, something casual, like maybe going to see a movie, going to the mall or if either of you have your own space (housing) maybe you could invite him for dinner or something along those lines. But I really hope he becomes more fond of the idea of you guys being together. There are lots of people who are just 2 souls in love that just happen to be cousins. Hence the creation of this website. But i really wish you the best of luck! hopefully you could share some advice under my post (I'm really hoping to have someone give their opinion and their advice maybe it'll help me out)
  6. Hi, so I don't really know how to properly start this off so I'll just jump into it! Me and my cousin (1st cousin once removed) are intimate, and very much inlove. I've never wanted to be with someone so badly before. And I've also never been so happy with someone. We've been dating in secret for about 4 years as of this August, and it has been so bitter sweet. There has been a few times when he's second guessed our relationship, and has tried to seek another partner. But we always wind up falling back together. (This has happened twice). The reason i came here today Is because i know how afraid he is to be open to our family about us, and this impacts our connection here and there. He tells me all the time how perfect I am and how our relationship is the best he's ever had. He cant help but embrace and kiss me when he gets home. But there are times like of recent where we have problems. Yesterday I had an intuitive feeling that something was just not right. So he gets home and and embraces me as usual and goes to take a shower, and while he is showering I go through his phone (ik complete intrusion of privacy *but at that moment I could not help myself*) and i come to find that he's chatted with a woman from his job. Mostly compliments from all that i could see and remember. And it hurt me so badly to my core, all I could was take a deep breath and go for a walk. When i got back i confronted him and asked him why? He goes to say a few things I know were from anger and then he tells me he knows we won't have a family together (I'm thinking that weve all heard the uneducated saying that cousins who reproduce, have "challenged" children *& I belive he's afraid of that, no matter how much i discuss the statistics with him*) these words hurt me so badly and it was so hard for me to process and accept the reality that maybe he doesnt actually want to be with me. We havent talked pretty much at all today but all day I've been having moments where i would cry because i couldnt imagine a world where we weren't in love with one another. So I just wanted to come her looking to get feedback from others in situations similar to ours to inspire hope for our relationship, I want him to know that me and him are possible, that we can make things work, that nothing is wrong with what we have , and that we can be happy! So please If you have any encouraging words or advice please feel more then free to respond?
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